Monday, 30 November 2009

Finished Advent Calender

Well i'm doing better than I expected. I've cleaned the bathroom and I have finished the advent calender. Here it is - its hard to get a good pic as i'm sure you know yourself at the moment with our weather here!

Hope you can see that its all glittery and when the lights hit it, it sparkles and glimmers. The pinks are not as bright as they look here, its all icy and cold looking.

Tomorrow I am going christmas shopping with Jason, not got too much to buy really, done it all online


  1. Love it and now that its finished it is may i say stunning .

  2. Emma this is really lovely!
    Have missed out on this advent calendar trend - would have loved to make one but too much going on at the mo!!
    P.s Thanks for the award the other day - will get round to doing it!

  3. This looks lovely Emma : ) And glad you had a fun weekend.
    Ade's just up in the loft bringing our hanging fabric advent down. I love Christmas x

  4. Gorgeous project! You certainly done great justice to it!


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