Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hours spent rippling

I popped to the wool shop on Tuesday and bought some wool as I wanted to try a ripple blanket, I have been rippling on and off since Tues evening and this is what I have so far! Once you get past the first row and started on the 2nd it is sooooo easy and you are away, happily rippling without needing to refer to the pattern at all!

Heres the long view. One thing I will say about crochet is that it gives me awful headaches, and I don't think I am even concentrating that hard to get one, as like I said once you get started on the blanket its v easy and so I can do it and watch the telly etc.

I've worked out that I can make 7 rows of each colour, but I am not sure that will be enough so I am hoping I will be able to re-buy the wool.

I made a lovely v large crochet flower too but thats photograped terribly!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Fakin' it and Crochet

So as promised I am back with no moans and some crafty stuff.

First up a LO I just finished (I added the pom pom trim and snowflake) but mainly did yesterday. Yesterday was not restful scrapping. I like to immerse myself in scrapping and not be interupted, but yesterday I had promised to put credit on the kids phone (took longer than it should lol but I think I have it sussed now) and then Joe got upset about his hair, so I had to stop to cut that (for cut read shear) he is happier with it now so it was worth it!

Then in the evening I finished this blanket for the dog. Initially it was supposed to be a large blanket but its just not neat/tidy enough and I haven't done a v good job of sewing it up, so I want to start again. I'd done 15 squares so I just added a row of double crocket to give it a nice trim and now it belongs to Bruno. He is happy enough with it!

Still for someone who didn't have a clue about crochet a month ago its a good enough starting project! Onwards and upwards.


More leaflet droppers walking over my lawn! I got this one and she got told!

Seriously its not just rude as its walking over the lawn, they walk right past my living room window and if it weren't for the window I could reach out and touch them from my chair, I just find this incredibly intrusive! She of course totally ignored me telling her to not do it ( why can they not just say "sorry"?) So I may have called her an ignorant cow.

I will be back later with pics of craft stuff and less moaning - promise!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Picture Perfect

Got my Jan Scrapagogo kit in the post yesterday, I love it even though it features Basic Grey. I finished off this LO this morning and am pleased with it. I am trying to use my CR more so the bottom letters were cut with that and then flocked yellow.

Today I am DPD stalking - we have heard that our Prizes from SBM were dispatched (although we have been told that a couple of times already) yesterday and so I am eagerly awaiting the courier. Really though its more likely to be tomorrow. Was not impressed by meter reader man just knocking on the door and making me get all excited for nothing!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

stuff and nonsense

So thats another weekend over. We didnt do anything too special. Went out to the pub with mates on Sat night and again on Sun lunch as we had a wake to attend.

I have been suffering from the most awful indegestion and so I didnt drink, 4 hours in a pub with a diet coke? "AAArrghhh" thats not for me really!

Here is a LO I have done recently - I am not pleased with it, it is missing something but my mojo has crawled under my desk and cannot be cajouled out, and so it will have to stay like this!

Today I finally finished my article for Scrapbook Magazine, I sent my Layouts off on Fri and the written work via email today. I hope it will be ok eeekkk fingers crossed!

And finally I couldn't resist this pic of a dog down our local last week, I know its not the best photo in the world, but isn't he the crossest looking doggy in the world? He stood and stared at us like that for about an hour!!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

The Amazing adventures of Mobile Boy

Had a blast making this, its from an OLD Scarlet Lime kit (the only one I truly loved out of all the ones I got!) I really like this lo, but Joe will probably hate it, I know it doesn't make much sense, but I dont care!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

In a spin

So here is me on day 1 of use up your hideous amount of stash. Just a quick and easy lo of skittle in the tumble drier.

Having a word with myself

I just sat down to craft and realised that a bit of a tidy up was needed, this is nothing new, I have a small space and so I find I have to have a major re-sort about once a month.

Normally I just put paper back into its relevant space etc happily humming to myself. Something was a bit different this time, I actually 'SAW' the paper I was moving about, obscence amounts of paper, gorgeous beautiful stunning bits of paper, paper I had forgotten about or consigned to the 'old paper' part of my brain.

I am actually ashamed of what I saw, I have only been scrapping 'seriously' (as in buying online, getting kits and really going for it) since March 09 - less than one year! and I have a massive collection of paper, it needs to STOP.

I am a productive scrapper, I scrap slow but I did do around 150 layouts last year (since March) and so I do use my stuff. Just not enough for the amount I bought.

It stops - I will keep my Scrapagogo kit as I am the type of personality that needs a little 'treat' on a regular basis. I will buy cardstock and I will buy adhesive, but that is all. DO NOT SHOW ME ANY CHA STUFF i am la la lahing about all that rubbish!

I mean it but I also know what I am like - lets see how long this lasts.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hot Chocolate

3 posts in one day! I am either v bored or v productive today, even I'm not sure which.

This is a little Lo I knocked up yesterday and just finished. Documenting my daughters obsession with dogs

A new old layout

Used this layout a couple of times recently to try out for design teams (with no luck :() Not shown it on my blog before, so here it is. Used a Pencil Lines sketch for this.


If I could give someone just one piece of advice it would be this:

"If you have pets or use your back door as the main throughfare through your house, DO NOT choose a black floor"

Seriously it is doing my swede in! everyday I mop it and generally within 20 mins the cat has made it look like the above (minus the big foot print - that would be clever!)

I come down in the morning and our large kitchen floor is covered in muddy paw prints, I swear to god she does it on purpose.

Skittle is not my favourite cat at the moment (she never is to be fair) yesterday I found her prints, on the floor, on the work surface, on the coffee table and even on Joes bed sheet!

Friday, 8 January 2010

At last something to show!

I have finally scrapped something that I don't have to keep secret - here it is. Got these papers from my mum at Christmas (you are going to have to forgive the blurred image, no point waiting til I can photograph outside, it will be days yet!) I think they are DCWV it was a big kit in a box type thing.

I FORCED myself to scrap today, it would have been oh so easy to sit in the lovely warm living room watching the telly and crocheting but I wanted to get back in it so I made myself have a go and I'm glad I did!

I did do a bit of crochet though, I did some more of my blanket - here is Bruno modelling it so far!

I found a little shop in Keynsham that sells LOADS of wool, so they have a new customer now. I am 8 squares in now, and I am getting quicker.

Kids back at school today but I am thinking we may be closed again next week, we have lots forcast for Sunday night. Luckily we made it to asda today, I have hardly anything in and I am glad we have managed to stock up.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Days and Crochet

Jessica in the middle of constucting her igloo

Look at it! All the way up to Brunos tummy!

No school today (or tomorrow for that matter) so we were off first thing to the fields to walk the dog. Bruno LOVED the snow even though it was up to his tummy! In fact he kept trying to bury himself in it. Jessica has been out most of the day building an igloo.

Lots of trouble fiding milk in Keynsham today, Jason went all round the town looking for milk but none anywhere, he came home via our local little shop and found a bit there, its a worry though as I have virtually no food in the house and god knows when we will be able to get to the supermarket.
I have spent the rest of the day wrapped up in the warm and have spent my time crocheting this scarf! Its taken from 10.30am til 7pm but its finished and I am rather pleased with it! Its for Jessica, who is always thrilled with things I make for her.

Monday, 4 January 2010


So I haven't been able to share much scrappy stuff lately, which means boring no photo blog posts. So have this instead!!!! Crochet.

I bought a crochet mag on NYE, not the 99p one that everyone is getting, they didn't have that, so this one was £7.99 but it did come with 6 different balls of yarn. The mag is next to useless for beginners so I have spent 2 days solid watching tutorials on the internet.

American and English patterns are different a single crochet in American is a double crochet in England and a double Crochet in America is a triple in England so much confusion as you're not always sure whether you are on an American tute or an English one Arggghh. So this was day 3, I managed a Granny square yesterday that was a quite wonky and ugly, and this is the one I have been doing this morning, this took me 2.5 hrs and now I am stuck as I have no idea how to cast off lol.

I'm quite proud of this one, its quite pretty and not too wonky. Jessica wants me to do 3 more and then turn it into a teddy blanket, that might take some time!
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