Monday, 30 November 2009

The Weekend

Mucho fun was had this weekend.

I woke up on Saturday determined that I was going to get my hair chopped off, luckily my hairdressers had a gap and so off I went. I've had it cut like my old profile pic but a bit shorter. Its a jaw length bob and it looks great, so easy to cope with and looks so sleek and classy - am chuffed, I just need to make sure that I don't get lazy and let it grow again.

Sat night was curry and pub with Nicky (Alan once again in London, he goes there for 'the internet' apparently - hes a professional gambler, we've tried to tell him that Bristol actually has 'the internet' too but he won't listen) and Bill who is a curry monster.

Yesterday Jason treated me to lunch in the pub (he wanted to go to the pub and treating me to lunch is a good way of making me agree to it!!), which was lovely as it always is, we got talking to another couple in there that we've seen around lots lately, and much fun was had, although I know she will be waking up this morning saying to her other half "was I embarrasing yesterday?" she wasn't, but she was a bit tipsy. We did had a laugh and its nice to meet new people.

I am shattered today, I have so much to do - done the usual housework, but still to do: Clean Bathroom
Iron lots of clothes
Finish Advent calendar

I just want to sit and play on 'the internet' though.

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