Thursday, 5 November 2009


Did a cracking lo this morning, really really like it, in fact I might be a little bit in love with it and might snog its face off! Why Pah? cos I can't show you it, its for my Guest Designer stint at Butterfly Crafts, and its not up til the 15th. It is however lovely to do something that is 'me' and it came together so well.

No Jason antics today, I have him on a shorter lease and it seems to suit him better and he is much better behaved for it!

I shouldn't be so horrid really, he did take me for another lesson today, I did 2 cracking (cracking is the word of the day) 3 point turns and didn't try to kill us once! Did stall on a juction twice in a row with a whopping big bus behind me though, still trying to get use to the new 'bite' on this car.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, we are going to visit my gran and I think this may be our 'goodbye' visit. She is 94 and has been in and out of hospital all year, my uncle rang me on Sunday and told me it might be an idea to come visit her within the week as she was "Fading fast" since that call she has be re-admitted to hospital again, so that is where we are going tomorrow. I've been warned that she will not be like I remember her and I don't think it will be a nice visit. Last time we visited her in hospital she looked bloody awful and I got no warning that time, can't imagine how she could look much worse than that! I've been expecting this for a couple of years now, and i'm ready for it, poor gran can hardly see or hear and has no real quality of life, she is in fact very bored and she wants to go. In her words "Our bodies aren't designed to go on this long" My gran is not an emotional woman, she never clucked or fussed around me, but she has been increasingly emotional and upset at all my visits this year, so I think it may be quite a harrowing time. To end on a bit of an up note, it will also as always be a bit comical as we will have to shout everything at the top of our lungs to be heard, everyone in the same ward will know our business by lunchtime tomorrow, whether they want to or not!

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  1. can't wait to see the layout for your guest dt place. so sorry about your gran, i hope your visit goes well and i'll be thinking of you xxx


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