Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Big Secret - at last the reveal!

Getting this post done now as I have a busy day ahead.

So the exciting news I alluded to a couple of weeks ago is that I am a runner up in SBM Scapbooker of the Year comp, seriously thrilled about that and the magazine is in the shops today (I will be getting it this afternoon as I have to pop to town for a contact lense check). I am looking forward to receiveing my prize.

But perhaps more exciting is that SBM has asked me to write an article for the mag, scary but great fun (I am 2 thirds of the way through!) and I will be getting paid - woohoo, more money for the *shit I got carried away and got an expensive iphone contract*

So I HAVE been crafting away but its all things that I cannot share as some is for this article and another is for a Design Team try-out, hence my blog is looking v picture bare at the mo!

Have a good new years eve everyone!!!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I've been very naughty and I've gone and got an iPhone. I've been wanting one for so long and when Santa decided that I had not been good enough this year, I took myself off to orange and signed a hideously over priced contract. Oh but it's so pretty and shiny and I love it already. I will never ask for anything else again - honest-

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Our Christmas.

Christmas was fab! These first 2 pics from Christmas Eve and the traditional leaving out a mince pie and carrot for Santa and the reindeer. We had a busy Christmas Eve, we went to the pub for an hour in the afternoon to say hello and merry christmas to some friends, and then on to Jason's mums for a family tea. We did not stay to long there and then it was home to relax. The kids went to bed at 9pm very excited!

Hanging up the stockings!

Christmas morning and the moment Jess realised she had got a mobile! She was thrilled!

A lovely hug from Jess for the mobile

We then travelled up to Cheltenham to have lunch with my parents and my brother at his new flat. He did a LOVELY lunch and it was a lovely afternoon. Here is Jess and Joe with their google straws (that is grape juice, dont worry!!!)

We then travelled back to Bristol and dropped the kids off at their dads, Jason and I then went home for lots of cups of tea and telly.

Boxing day we met mates in the pub at 1pm, Brilliant afternoon, the landlord was playing his guitar and singing and it was a lot of fun. This pic was taken in the next pub enroute to Les and Rays house. This pic is Nicky, Me and Les, we don't look too bad considering we had already been out for 5 hours by then!

Back at Rays house, we got out the wii and spent a lot of the time jumping about like loons as these pics show. We had some lovely boxing dayish food and drinks and had a great laugh!

Today we picked the kids up and are relaxing at home, we are supposed to be going to Jason's dads for yet another family get together but I said no, the poor kids have not been home since christmas morning and I have hardly been home myself, am knackered and not really into seeing Jason's family again when we just saw them Christmas Eve, so Jason has gone on his own. Its nice to be home!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmassy Crafts and Baking

Its been a lovely day today, but I've not stopped. We began making salt dough decorations this morning (they are STILL in the oven hardening now) it took an age to cut out shapes freehand but it was fun, and then we made gingerbread men and biscuits. We have still to decorate them both, but thats something for later!
Jessica did this salt dough snowman for the tree! its so cute!
We then had a quick lunch of cracker, cheese, pate and some nuts (Christmassy food!) and took the dog for a run round our local fields.

Look at him, he LOVES it!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Got Craft - at last!

Yay! at last I have done some more Christmas Diary pages, I am soooo over this diary now lol but I will crack on.

Trying to simpliyfy it at the mo, being a slow scrapper a daily thing is a hard thing to acheive!! Add in a stinking cold and having to do other stuff, its been a struggle this week.

Look at Jess in her school play, she was the 'mum' and it was a comedy role, she got some laughs bless her and remembered all her lines, I almost forgot to take this pic and only just got it in!

This meal was actually on the 15th, I drank very little as I felt rough and was home by 10.15, but am glad I went as it perked me up a bit and the food was delicious!

Aint she purtty?? She told me she didn't want to go to the disco and then changed her mind on the night! Luckily we managed to get her a ticket.

So now I am only 2 days behind - thank the lord.

I am thankfully over my cold now and feel all zippy and energised, tonight we are currying it with Nicky and Alan, we were supposed to be taking the kids to the cimema this afternoon with Andy and Elaine and his kids to see "Where the wild things are" but neither of my two wanted to go and I hate the cinema so thats off lol. My diet is going a bit pants, christmas food in house = christmas food in my mouth lol but luckily its not shown on the scales yet.

Thats about all for my MASSIVE post, I have done another Layout but I cannot show you as its for something a bit special!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

OMG starts to hyperventilate

I feel like poo - AGAIN, really I am sick of these constant colds, I went to the docs today to get some stuff for my constant(do you see a theme here?) indigestion and mentioned how fed up I am with it, he can't do much but suggested a blood test to check iron levels etc - I agreed but I don't hold up much hope for that really. 13 years I have been living with this now, with colds that have me knocked out every 5-8 weeks.

Went straight from docs to Asda Cribbs to do "The CHRISTMAS food shop" We drive a hr long round trip as its so much bigger and quieter than our local asda. We are only just back and I am about finished, I am already in my PJ's.

Craft wise I am on a go slow, I am still doing my Christmas Diary but I am now several days behind :( I have done a stonking LO (one of my favs of recent) but can't show you as I have entered it into something.

BIG NEWS - coming soon, I am chuffed to ribbons, but again I can't tell you!!! pah! and and and whilst writing this post, more news, that nearly had me hyperventilating!!!!

Monday, 14 December 2009

It had to happen.

I knew it would, I am behind on my Christmas Countdown. Had a really busy weekend, Saturday spent running errands and Sunday socialising with friends.

Last night I was up ALL night with chronic indegestion, and I still have it a bit now, am mostly dead on my feet. Did not feel like doing anything today but then my Dec Scrapagogo kit arrived and I couldn't resist. Managed to do 2 more pages in CC but it was slow going and I did it sat on the sofa lol.

Joe the little darling has just walked in with a mahoosive box and declared it to be his school project "When does it need to be done by" says I, "Tomorrow" says he, I think I may have cried! Anyway I have covered it in yellow bazzill (its suppose to be a golden temple) lectured him on time management and told him the rest is up to him! At first I had a bit of a strop and told him I wouldn't help "It will be your fault if we all get detention" He had the cheek to say! "No Joe, no it won't! Pah!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Up to date with CC

Got busy today and caught up with my christmas diary, done day 9 and a double sided day 10. Today is Christmas Fayre day at my dauhters school, only just realised when I got a reminder text!! Bad mum!! So I will have to brave the crowds (I hate crowds) and let Jessica have a nosy round.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 8 - and UNdecorating our tree

Oh dear, I am one day behind, I tried to do day 9 today, but day 8 ink hadn't dried so I couldn't turn the page and get on with it.

Last night was good fun, had a lovely steak and a natter, and no hangover today at all which is a result.

The christmas tree has been UNdecorated today, went to switch the lights on this morning and Kaput! they blew (we seem to be having a lot of things blowing at the moment, something goes everyday, so I think we are looking at a rewire, and I don't want to even think about how much that will cost!) so the tree has been undecorated and Jason is bringing back a load more lights this evening when we will decorate it again. Theres a job you really want to be doing twice *rollseyes*

Fuming! What is it with people

RANT alert

Just has some knobhead walk across my lawn, often times leaflet droppers walk directly across my lawn and go right by my living room window, it drives me MAD. Its just happened again, but this time the person wasn't even delivering anything to my door, there is no leaflet or anything, he just decided to walk across the lawn for NO reason.

By the time I got up and to the front door he was almost gone, but I did shout at him that he was a rude man, no response as he prob had earphones on - next time I will be waiting and I'll have him! I am absolutely bloody incensed!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Random Ramblings and a Layout

The Wii fit is telling me that I have put on 2lbs since my last body test 3 days ago - I bloody have not! It tells you off this thing and I swear one more sanctimonious lecture from the little animated balance board and its out the window! To err on the side of caution I managed about 45 mins of exercise on it this morning.

Nicky had just called me to compliment me on the light up santa in our window (she drives past my house on her way to and from work. I'm not one for a lot of lights so we just have the one and its quite sweet. She also asked if I fancied going out tonight, so we are off to the ship for their 2 courses and a glass of vino for £12, feel all excited about the prospect of an unexpected night out at short notice, love having a natter and a drink with Nicky, good job really as I do it enough! lol

Skittle is being a very silly kitty, she is walking with a limp now after her little accident 3 weeks ago, but only when she thinks someone is watching, I have been watching her out of the window and she is running about on all 4 legs, leaping about without a care in the world etc and the minute she comes back in the house shes all limpy limpy. She is obviously putting it on. I have been worried about it but she is slowly limping less.

I am still up to date with CC- I have done todays entry (well about 95% of it anyway) but have no pics as yet, so here is a pic of a Layout I did a month or so ago and forgot to post! A special note to Audrey, thanks so much for the heart stamps I won, that was super speedy delivery and they are lovely thanks, I have even used them on my CC Day 8 page, which I will post tomorrow to show you!

**********LO image removed due to exciting stuff I cannot mention!******************

Don't ask about the driving, I am NOT enjoying it, I am NOT driving well and I have gone from a grade B to a D in bay parking (yes he grades everything I do! not supposed to know that but I do!!) In fact I refused to do Bay parking today after Jason kept shaking his head and sighing at me, I told him NO MORE! I do do a mean turn in the road though!

Right I am off to make the kids packed lunches, make the kids tea, tidy my desk, and make myself look a little presentable for my happily unexpected night out! woohoo!

Monday, 7 December 2009

CC Day 6-7

Hiya, still keeping up to date with my Christmas Countdown, I daren't let myself get too far behind as I am a slow scrapper and if I fell behind it would become a chore rather than a pleasure to do these little pages. Day 6 is our tree, we put it up yesterday afternoon, its a new tree this year, we were given Jason's mums old one as she heard we were going to get a new one as our old one is too narrow and this was going spare, so we nabbed it! Its much better and more impressive than the last one. IMPOSSIBLE to get a nice shot of it though, my camera turns it into a dead sparse thing. Also our wallpaper clashes in the shots of it terribly. Ah well.

Day 7 is about our mismash of decos, just the way I like it!

We had a nice quiet weekend, on Saturday the wii was on for hours, Jason and I were playing a lot of golf - its one game I can actually from time to time beat him on!

Far too much crap food was consumed this weekend but a lot of dog walking and playing on wii sports has hopefully negated too much weight gain.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

CC Day 5

Here it is Day 5 - Yesterday we took the dog for a walk in the woods at the other side of Keynsham, nice to take him somewhere different every now and then even if we are fortunate to have a great dog walking wood only 5 mins walk from home. We were all bored of going there, so we piled in the car for the 5 min drive to these woods. We just got the best of the weather as it started to rain as we got to the car.

This next one is a shocking pic of me (Jason just cannot for the life of him photograph me in a flattering way!) I was moaning to Jason that I did not want to be then only one taking pics this afternoon when we put the tree up, so he took me at my word and photographed me grating chocolate for the kids hot chocolate. "Look at me whilst you're grating" says he. So I did and managed to grate my finger into the bargain - ouch!

Freakoid Animals

These two can frequently be found like this, the cat very graciously lets Bruno groom her, she lies back like the queen of sheba and lets Bruno nuzzle her around the neck. I can't say they are the best of friends, Bruno occasionally gets over excited and chases her and Skittle will from time to time swipe at him, but at least once a day they will spend 10 mins like this having a complete love-in!!!

Friday, 4 December 2009

CC Day 3-4

Managing to keep up with my christmas countdown, luckily Jason got a frost shot for me this morning (wish I had taken my camera to the fields with me as it was beautiful in spots this morning, would have gotten a really pretty pic!)

I have been a little wirlwind this morning, I have taken dog to the fields, clean downstairs and hoovered throughout (inc stairs, I HATE the stairs) cleaned the bathroom, ironed some clothes, done 30 mins on the wii fit and then made the Brrrr page.

Its a pity after all that cleaning that the kitchen now looks like a bomb has gone off in it! Thats what crafting in the kitchen does. Can't wait for the kids to leave home so I can turn one of their rooms into a scrapbook room! Only another 5 years til I can chuck Joe out - hes had plenty of warning its happening so he can't complain!! I joke!!! (ish)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Countdown Day 1-2

Itching to craft and not making too good a job of it!

Sat down to try to use my latest Scarlet Lime kit yesterday, and just spent an hour staring at bits of paper and feeling my mojo drain away.

So I turned my attention to my Chistmas Countdown. I must admit to doing the first page about 2-3 weeks ago as I was itching to get started!! But I made it double sided to incorporate the advent house I made this year.

I've gone for the higgledy piggledy look of different sized and shaped pages, so that you can see bits of other pages all over it. Seen lots of people do this and its a look that I love, I struggle a bit as I like cleaness in my pages, but I am liking what I've acheived so far!

And under these 2 pages, you can see the start of Day 4 - which I am hoping is going to be about the weather! So I really really need frost tomorrow morning so I can get a lovely icy frost shot for it!

Today will be about out Christmas Wishes, I have asked for Jason's and he is being a typical bloke about it and can't think of one, so I will construct the page and leave a gap for his and his wish will have to fit in it lol.

Had 2 driving lessons this week, yesterday was an hour almost exclusively on the dual carriageway ring road, so lots of roundabouts and high speed stretches. This was a good lesson and I did well. Today we just drove around for an hour, normally good at that but loads of silly mistakes today, too fast round corners etc and the bloody gears in this car, I can't find the buggers! And I hit the curb at one stage!!! (Ooops) Cant imagine I will ever be safe or able to go out on my own!!!
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