Thursday, 26 November 2009


I am finding it hard to scrap at the moment, I keep sitting down to do it and then just spend an hour pushing paper about. I did manage this yesterday, and it has pink on it - not scrapped in pink since I first started scrapping. Its not quite right, but I am glad to at least have done something!

The cat seems better still, she is now not limping at all and we have opened the cat flap for her, she is going out but only for 5 mins at a time, whatever happened must have shaken her confidence a bit!.

I have a driving lesson today, I am NOT looking forward to it. Its been so stop start that I spend all lesson recapping what I did last time and therefore I'm not progressing. I told Jason I either need to stop altogether or have a regular weekly lesson so that I can get going on it. Its getting embarrasing when people ask how I am getting on, I am competitive and if I had had regular lessons I reckon I would be test standard by now, I hate telling people I am no nearer forward than 2 months ago, they must think I am a terrible learner and I am not!

And in good news - the lovely Jason managed to fix my hairdyer, it just needed a new fuse - hurrah!


  1. What a gorgeous photo. Glad to hear the cat's better and I agree about the driving lessons - you need to get out as much as possible.

  2. This is gorgeous Emma! Good luck with the driving lesson! x


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