Wednesday, 4 November 2009

By Her Side

Been a bit of a busy bee today, first I finished off this Halloween lo from yesterday and then I very quickly whipped up this LO of Jessica when she was poorly in half term. Its a very simple LO but I LOVE it, crap photo as usual though! Wish I had a sewing machine as I fancied a small zig zag border on it really

*Image removed for publication*

Not much else to report really. Last night I slept v well, Jason the wally got up an hour early by mistake today - believe it or not he forgot to change one of his watches back last week, and looked at that this morning and up he got, in his own words "I thought it was a bit dark!" tut.


  1. Great titles you've chosen for your LOs, I struggle with that sometimes. Glad you're enjoying the Blogging for Scrapbokers class LOL!

  2. Great Lo's Emma - love the bats on the Halloween one and the pic of poorly Jessica is so cute! xx

  3. Great to catch up with your goings on. Looks like you've been busy. Love the Halloween stuff. Hollie pulled the same expression as Jess whilst dressed up too : )

  4. Hi em love both, the Haloween one is really funny love the bits you have added ,Well done x

  5. Lovely LOs and I like the second one especially.


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