Tuesday, 17 November 2009

camera help

Does anyone have any idea why my point and shoot camera is taking images with a blue tint? I have played around with all the settings etc and nothing seems to resolve the issue, only been doing it for 2 days and before it was working perfectly well! So again this Layout is not really true to its colours (inappropriately given the sunject!) This is another one from the November Scrapagogo kit, which I am loveing so much!

Yesterday I had 2 viennesse whirls, not allowed on my diet but its taken me 6 weeks to lose 3lbs and frankly that is a bit demotivating, so the whirls were consumed and I couldn't care less. Once I have this weight off this time, it is NOT going back on - its taken me almost 12 weeks and I have lost 9-10lbs it is too slow and I can't do it again, not at that pace!


  1. Could your white balance be wrong??? Sorry I don't know loads about camera's. Maybe try posting on UKS there are loads of experts there. Fab LO by the way xxx

  2. Can't help with the camera either. The gogo kit does really suit you, great LO.

    There's something on my blog for you!

  3. Emma go on the uk scrappers photography section.Also go to trouble shooting section online for your camera .Fab layouts loving that kit ,especially like the letters .

  4. Beautiful LO. It's good you make use of the kits that you get. Mine's simply stash in their boxes..... yikes!


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