Monday, 16 November 2009

So cute at 3

So here is what I was mucking about with yesterday. Think my camera may be on its last legs as this keeps photographing blue and not white. Still nothing I can do about it, so its not the best photo in the world. I added the little frog, the triangle border and the stitching today.

I am eagerly awaiting my first ever Scrapagogo kit which should turn up today. The lady across the road has not shut her gate properly and it keeps banging in the wind and I keep thinking its a car door slamming and get all excited that postie is here. Its been banging in the wind all bloody weekend and quite frankly it is doing my nut in! I am incredibly noise sensitive and things like that can drive me mental, its all I can focus on! And chill.

Jason ordered a christmas present for me yesterday online and that is already here! I want my parcels!!

We took Bruno out for a walk during the storms on Saturday, I dont think I have ever been so wet! literally right through to my undies. We bought Bruno a high vis vest to wear and we looked like right nutters walking in the storm with a bright yellow dog!

1 comment:

  1. The colours really bring out his blue eyes, very cute!


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