Thursday, 26 April 2012

Well the dogs chilled at least!

Just a quick post, life is HECTIC right now, I've hardly time to have a cuppa.

Jessica wanted to apply for a CBBC show called "show me what you're made of" where children are taken to Asia to see how things they take for granted are made and to work in the factories and experience their home life.

So she filled in the application form and sent it off late last week. And there I honestly thought it would end. On Monday CBBC rang and asked to speak to Jessica and promptly did a telephone interview. We were told it would be 2-3 weeks until we found out if she gets through to the next round. The next day they called again and asked her to do a video audition.

Part of the video audition is to tour her room. PANIC!! her room is a toxic waste ground. So I ( and Jess) have spent the last 2 days, tidying, chucking stuff out, putting stuff in the loft, scrubbing, organising and painting her room. I have washed the curtains, cleaned the rug. Lots and lots of hard work. Not to mention going into town to buy her new clothes and some new dressings for her room. I am BEAT!!

The dog just sleeps through it all, lucky bugger!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Waxing Lyrical

Ok guys, I went and did it..... what?

I became a Scentsy Consultant!  Heres my website Scented Wax Heaven contact me before placing an order for reduced postage.

You might rememeber about a month ago I made this post all about how I had bought the products and loved them.  I'm spending enough money on them, they are that great that I thought I might as well get the starter kit and have a go!

If you love scented candles or plug in air fresheners, then this is for you!  Gorgeous high quality wax that doens't evaporate (the smell just dissipates over time) no flame, no soot, no mess and over 80 fragrances to chose from, ranging from bakery smells, fruity smells, perfumy smells, clean, crisp, floral, warming  there really is something to suit anyone!!

I've also set up a facebook group, leave your email addy, if you'd like to join, im hoping to do special offers and promotions on it when I am up and running!

Im selling this simply because I love the product, id been searching for an alternative to candles (never enough scent for me) and ive hit the jackpot with this!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I wish I were stronger

Its very frustrating to have a brand new washing machine in your kitchen and to need to do washing but have it sit there blocking the room not plumbed in.  I could do all the technical bits of the installation, but I can't move the blummin thing, so here it sits until Jason comes home to deal with it - lucky for me thats only half an hour more.  I get ridiculously excited about even the most mundane of new household items, it will be so nice to a.  not have a machine that smells like someone has farted pure sulphur mid cycle and b.  not leak all over the floor.
On to scrapping and 2 more layouts to show you from my photo corner feature in The Scrapbook Magazine this month

This one of Jessica taken on a lovely summer evening a couple of years ago, all dressed up for a school social

And this one of Jessica doing some tidy up work in the garden.  I like the simple lines of this layout and it reminds me of a comic strip or photo story.  The corners by the way are flocked.

Monday, 16 April 2012

We interupt this neglected blog to bring you..... actual post!

I've had a self imposed little break from posting, for one thing I simply haven't made a thing apart from 3 layouts for an assignment.  I've had a lazy uninspired Easter break.  2 Weeks ago my gran died, she was 97 and senile as well as practically blind and practically deaf, live wasn't fun or fulfilling for her anymore and she was in a great deal of emotional pain and stuck in a hospital bed in a care home.  I'm glad she finally let go and died peacefully in her sleep in the afternoon.

We had her funeral on Friday, it was a time of great stress for me as I hardly know that side of my family and I haven't seen my father since I was 11.  I was relieved to find out that he wasn't coming over from New Zealand and I didn't have to worry about meeting him again.  In the end the funeral was as nice as these things can be.

Easter was quiet and uneventful, Joe managed to give himself a cracker of a bruise on his cheek by kneeing himself whilst trampolining, we were calling him chipmunk for a while whilst it was swollen, and its now turned all the colours of the rainbow but is still stubbornly hanging on.

Jess had a sleepover and decided to tackle her (her words now) bushy eyebrows, I came downstairs the next day and at first thought she had slept very rough as her eyebrows looked odd, she finally admitted to plucking them out a few hours later as I wouldn't let it drop.  We had to make a trip into town to buy an eyebrow pencil to make her look human again - silly girl, i'm hoping shes learnt her lesson on that score.

I got my copy of The Scrapbook Magazine in the post today, I was asked to do a 5 layout article on photo corners.  It was surprisingly hard to come up with 5 different ideas, a photo corner is after all a photo corner.  I'm going to share a couple now:

This was taken just before Christmas, Jessica was giving her new step cousin a cuddle and actually enjoying it!  I used ribbon and butterflies for this corner.

And this one of my family playing monopoly on the ipad.

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