Sunday, 1 November 2009


Thats what I slept last night, yet another episode of insomnia and right after I am getting over a very bad cold. I am quite upset about it, only had 7.5 hrs sleep in 3 day and I feel like a zombie! Its unfortunate as my mum and dad are coming for lunch today, not seen them since late August and I know I am going to struggle, so are the kids as they have been at a sleep over and are normally HORRIBLE the day after a sleepover!

Here are some pics of the kids just before they went to their sleepover last night, Jessica's hair is going to be a nightmare this morning lol - straight in the shower when she gets home! The white bits in her hair is dry shampoo, I use it on my roots inbetween washes and until its brushed in is as grey as anything!

At least I now have some good photos to scrap, thats when I finally get over the cold, sleep and manage to eat properly. I am offically falling apart!

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