Friday, 27 November 2009


I have been drawn in to the Tesco Advent Calendar altering frenzy.

I didn't think I would get one as no one else seems to be able to get hold of them anymore, but last night Jason found one for me in a Tesco. So for a fiver (isn't that a great price?) it was mine!

I set about it today, first job was 2 coats of white emulsion, to cover the hideous colours that Tesco deemed saleworthy.
I decided on a blue icey theme with bits of pink and glitter. Hopefully I can get hold of another calendar this year/next year and do a more traditional one too!

I started this at 9 this morning and its now 4.30pm and I have finished for the day, I am very pleased with it and it is prob 90-95% done. Just want to add some christmas embelishments to it. Here it is at the 'almost there' stage.

Will hopefully have it done by Tuesday, and it will look all christmassy and lovely!


  1. Fantastic job Emma, beautiful colours. I looked in tesco Extra this week but no luck, fab value for a fiver

  2. Emma thats gorgeous well done you .

  3. Lucky you. I was in Tesco Extra last nite and didn't see it. You've done a great job altering it!

  4. looks amazing! have been looking and looking but cant get my hands on one :(. xx


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