Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Curly Top Tot

At last, at long long last the 'My Scrapbook Nook' kit arrived from America, its got a lot of the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird range in it, and it is absolutely lushious!! I have been waiting such a long time for this that I was afraid that I would not be able to create anything when it arrived. I think I was worried that I had seen so many beautiful pages done using it that I would not be able to do anything that I felt was unique and that I hadn't seen before.

But I managed it I think, tried not to be to influenced by others, and I used this adorable pic of Jess at about 18 months, I love that its a back shot, something I haven't done before! I really did use a lot of the kit for this, even the box it was mailed in!!!!

In other news, last night I slept and it was beautiful, Jason says he had a disturbed night! ha! at least this time he was awake for it. I explained to him last night, just how bad he was the night before and he was horrified by it.

Today is another warm but damp one. Tonight we have to go to Joe's new school that he is starting in September, I hate school visits, always feel a little intimidated by it and for some strange reason a bit of a fraud lol!! Anyway he will be meeting his new tutor and his future classmates too, I hope he will be ok, a lot of his current friends are off to the other secondary in our area come September, we live out of the catchment by about a 2 min walk! In some ways I am pleased as its a bit of a trek to the other school and I know that I would always worry if he was late etc, this one is 10 mins around the corner and will be much easier for him, especially in bad weather.

Monday, 29 June 2009


I actually managed a LO today, I feel like my eyes are on stalks, but I just took it slowly and I did a LO about myself. I am not an overly emotional person and I can find it hard to express my feelings, so I find journaling hard, but I am my own worst critic so this LO wasn't that hard afterall! lol!!

For this page I used October afternoon papers with Basic Grey Urban Praire alphas and cardstock sticker. The little words are done with Adorn-it mini alphas, and I LOVE these, they are so versatile and at only 1pound a sheet, very good value too!

Now I just have the job of cleaning up my craft table,
as you can see, I do not craft tidy, and the fork is there as I was reading a blog on how to use a fork to tie perfect bows, and I thought I would give it a try (it seems to work!)

A Horrendous and quite scary night

Well we had a nice weekend. Lots of rounders in the field on the Saturday, which we all really enjoyed, and a nice bbq on sunday.

I let Jason go to the pub Sunday evening (well stay there, we were both there, as we walked the dog and I stayed for one and then I went home with the kids). More than happy to do this, as I wanted to go home and he wanted to stay out.

He crashes in at 11.30, I had only just drifted off as it was so hot in our room (we can't open our windows for 2 reasons, we live on a main road and the traffic noise is just too loud, and also our double glazing is on its last legs and once open its a bugger to shut again!)

Jason then proceed to spend the whole night and I mean the WHOLE night, sleep talking, walking and on the first occasion punching the bed very violently over and over. Now Jason can occasionally sleep talk or walk and its all over very quickly, last night was horrendous, I've never seen him like that before, and it was quite upsetting, just as I was falling asleep everytime, he would start again, calling my name, giving an imaginary pupil a (very loud) driving lesson or getting up and walking about and leaving all the lights on. His favourite was to get up, stand at the foot at the bed and bark driving instructions.

I have not slept all night, my eyes are bloodshot, my muscles ache from dragging him around the house (back to bed - I wanted him where I could see him in case he tried to get in the kids room) I was mostly very patient with him.

Today he remembers nothing! its a good job he has gone to work because I am cross with him, very very cross. He goes out, he gets drunk and yet it is I who feels like death this morning! I have now banned us both from alcohol for a while, it will do us both good!

Today it is 10.30am at the mo and already absolutely blistering hot, the kids are off on an inservice day, so we have already taken the dog down the field so that we can stay in during the hotest part of the day (they reckon 30 degrees today and thats 30 english degrees which are 30 humid degrees!)

I would love to get some scrapping done, but all bets are off as I can hardly keep my eyes open. If my US kit arrives, the temptation may be too much however!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Apple Addict

Today I got a lovely parcel of October afternoon goodies in the post, seeing as I only ordered them yesterday, I was very pleased. There are some gorgeous papers, including some with apples on them. Now my son Joe is a compulsive apple eater so straight away I knew what I wanted to do with them!

So with an Apple as incentive, Joe agreed to pose in the garden for me, and I was able to make this, this morning, very pleased with it and I LOVE my new parcel!

Jason and Joe have gone car hunting, I declined as its sooo boring! and later we are taking the dog down the fields for his walk and so that Joe can play rounders. The dog is doing well today, it will be his second walk to the woods, not only that but he has had half a McFlurry that I couldn't finish!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Who Nose?

This is what I achieved today, not bad with the kids off school on an inset day. I tidied, I fed the kids, I walked the dog and then I managed a LO, good day!

This was created almost entirely with the Scarlet Lime June kit, and I surprised myself as I didn't think I was going to manage another one with that kit, it didn't speak to me, I am however pleased with the result! Journaling reads, Joseph relaxing on his holiday as Haven with a frothy hot chocolate drink, I had to take this snap of him with it all over his nose, he had no idea! Mucky puppy!

I used a sketch for this, thats something new for me, I got the sketch from mojo holder, will be using them again I think!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Dymo Love

So inspired by my new toy, I created this!

Total madness, but quite fun none the less.

My sister visited today, we did a bit of shopping, and then she sat in the garden reading Heat, whilst I finished my LO.

We then picked the kids up from school, when we got home, I though it might be fun to put a KICK ME dymo sign on Joe's back. This was a mistake, a big mistake, Jess kicked him a fair bit, and Joe got very upset by the giggling, we tried to explain the joke, but its fair to say that Joe did not see the funny side in the slightest and a bit of a major incident errupted, lots of 'lack of respect' bandied about and a general tantrum, we have solved it now, by my offering to wear something offensive and humiliating on my back next time we go out. I'm hoping he will have forgotten by then to be honest!

Mon petit Dymo Il s'appelle Fredrique

Look what came in the post today! Its a French Dymo

Isn't he cute? Now you are probably thinking i'm mad, but he is indeed French. This particular Dymo is marketed at kids, and can (if you bother to insert batteries)speak the letter or number you are pressing. I got this cheap off ebay, and this particular one is French and therefore speaks in a French accent! I have named him Fredrique, and I am a little bit in love with him already!

Seeing as I just want to use it for Scrapbooking, the fact that it is marketed at kids bothers me not a jot (as long as Joe and Jess keep their hands off him!) and I rather like that he is in cheery colours.

Today has started off good!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Sunshiny Kinda Day

Well it certainly has been! but thats the title of the LO I made today!

Made almost exclusively with American Crafts products, all PP is American Crafts Craft Fair, thickers and a fair bit of doodling. The word Sunshiny was made on the good old Craft Robo.
This is my daughter Jessica and my sister Sarah, Jessica loves Sarah a lot and was like her shadow on this particular day!

Majorly pleased with this one, it screams my style, it seems my mojo may have come back and thumped me round the head, which is a good job cos the kit I am waiting for from the States will be a while yet, seems they only shipped it last Friday, this makes me sad as I have been postman stalking for a few days now for no real purpose.

On other postman stalking news, I think my Dymo machine and tape may arrive tomorrow, a bargain purchase from Ebay, wanted one for a while, but thought it would be more costly!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sitting Pretty

Hurrah! I finally managed it, a LO.

I managed to distract myself for long enough, and eventually I sat down and finished something that I started end part of last week.

This LO really stumped me at first, I started and just could not see how to complete it. I used the Scarlet Lime June Kit as well as bits and pieces from my stash.

This is a bit fussier and prettier than my usual style but I am pleased with it! I stitched that red heart using a template I made myself by tracing a printed heart onto tracing paper with pucture holes. Journaling reads : So sweet Jessica, snuggled up for winter in her coat and hat. My gorgeous girl.

In other news I made a fish pie, I like fish pie and I am good at making it, but todays is a bit of a disaster, its just too sloppy, and I think it may well mutate whilst cooking!!! Hopefully though it will still taste nice, if it doesn't end up on the oven floor! I am blaming extreme heat, its 29oc in my kitchen at the moment, so cooking was probably a bad idea anyway.

Monday Mess

Well yesterday was a mess, a complete mess! Having had such an enjoyable lunch out with Jason, Alan and Nicki, Nicki and I decided to continue the merriment and I think I staggered home at about 10.15pm on Sunday, I had a great time, and really enjoyed the extended natter, but I was hammered, 9 hrs is a long time to be drinking, and I got on the cider.

Sooooo it was no surprise when I woke on Monday to quite a vicious hangover, I managed to get the kids to school and walk Bruno at the same time, but then all bets were off and I sat in front of the telly and did nothing all day.

Today I woke refreshed yay! I have managed to catch up on the housework, and then decided to do something about the dog. The dog bless him is moulting like no-ones business, and I am sick of getting off a chair to find myself covered in his white hair! Having no suitable brush, I got a scourer sponge, which I thought might replicate a brush and set about Bruno in the garden, Bruno the soppy thing, LOVED it, he was in his element, and although not as good as a brush, the scourer got a fair few hairs off, Bruno got 5 mins of attention, so everyone is happy!

Am still waiting for the postie to deliver my Cosmo Cricket kit from the States, and I am getting anxious for it now!

No scrapping for a few days now, soon my Mojo will return with a vengenace I am sure, prob when the kit arrives.

Here is Bruno this morning, wearing a pair of sunglasses that Jess got from the Bear Factory for her teddy. He had them on his head for ages, was so content chewing his bone, he could not be bothered to shake them off!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tina Turner

So we went out last night with a group of friends to see an eighties night, featuring a Tina Turner act, this was at The Jolly Sailor in Saltford.

Not been to this pub before and it was absolutely packed out, spent most of the night queueing for the toilet as there was only 2 for about 150 women!

They had a hog roast with lots of salads, which was lovely, most people sat outside, but it was getting a little chilly, so we nabbed seats in the conservatory whilst we could, and were very gald of that an hour or two later!

The eighties band was very good, lots of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet etc, and then Tina came on, she was good, very good but the bass of the music was so loud that you could feel everything vibrate, and you could feel your heart thump in your chest, everytime she finished a song we all cheered and clapped, but it was more relief that we had a few seconds away from the thump thump! Much talk prevailed about whether Tina was a man in drag (very unfair, it was clear she was a woman)

After her set she mingled a bit, and mad Bolton Dave went for a chat, so I got this photo of them,

at one point they were both pulling her hair, its a wig obviously but a very expensive one! Bolton Dave wanted to know if other things were real too, its lucky he didn't get a slap!

Jason and I had a good time, although Jason got the wrong side of drunk and then thought he knew about politics and religion and so got into a very boring conversation about it all with Bolton Dave, who luckily was the wrong side of drunk himself and so could bear to listen to it!

Today we are up and reasonlly breezy, we are off to lunch with our mates Nicki and Alan today, but not until we have gone supermarket shopping, which is obviously the highlight of the day.
And then its kids back, ironing of uniforms and ready for the week ahead, just hope my cosmo cricket kit arrives, as I am itching to get going on it!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The good and the bad

Only managed 2 Layouts this week, one I am very pleased with and one that I think is dreadful! I will post them both in an effort to be fair, but hopefully my mojo will return now and it will be business as usual!

One is Jessica in our garden, I stitched 2 circles in contrasting colours around the photo, then I cut a tree on my Craft Robo out of Scenic Route paper and overlapped it to the photo and circles, I also cut out a cute little picket fence. Finished by cutting up a piece of My Little Shoebox paper with lots of little houses on it, and backing them onto black card and sticking them on!

The Other is a mess, but my daughter will like it!

Last nights trip to the pub was quite eventfull, Joe was a bit moany about this and that and Jess was a bit hyper, Joe wolfed down a chocolate brownie very quickly, and hes not one for that really, so it shouldn't have been a surprise when he threw it all back up, all over my stepper and the hall. I wasn't there at the time as Jason had kindly taken then home and let me stay out! Still I felt very guilty when I got home, Joe was still being sick and I should have been there.

This morning however, he is as bright as a button, think the brownie and the speed of its demise is what did it! I however not so bright, I've been gettin up at 6.45am each morning to do exercise, today was supposed to be a lie-in, but I was woken by Bruno our dog, landing on top of me very enthusiastically at 7.30am, this made me shout, and then made me wake up - in that order!!

To finish I am hoping for a lovely visit from the postie today, I am expecting two things, 1. A kit from My Scrapbook Nook in America, its full of Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Collection, if that can't get me going again, nothing can!

2. Lipobind tablets, something I hope might speed up my weight loss, apparently it stops fat being absorbed and is quite effective, I am however a bit sceptical, but not enough to keep my purse closed!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

First ever post!

Well who knows how long this will last!?

Its been created on a whim, but I thought it might be fun to create a blog, for my daily ponderings and to keep a record of my scrapping and creative moments.

I have a serious case of the mojo gogo's at the moment so creating is not going well, in fact the LO I made today is simply shocking lol!!!

Tonight Jason and I and Joe and Jess are going to the pub, Jason and I for a meal and the kids for pudding as they will already have eaten. Its nice now the kids are a bit older, we feel we can take them out in the early evening a bit and it stops us being cooped up inside!

Anyway off to see what else I need to do, to give this blog some life!

Emma x
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