Friday, 13 November 2009


So yesterday was the day I was supposed to be going shopping in Bath with Nicky. Woke up and Joe was complaining of feeling ill, felt his forehead and he felt hot. So after waiting 30 mins he was still moaning and so the shopping was off. Joe got a whole lecture about the fact that he had better be ill as I was looking forward to my day out and didn't want to cancel if he was well enough to go to school, Joe said he was poorly so that was that.

An hour later, and Joe is SAT UP on the sofa, watching Top Gear and laughing very loudly, another feel of his forehead revealed a cool child. To say I was cross was an understatement, Joe was sent upstairs to get into his uniform and straight to school and I rang Nicky to see if we could still go.

We missed the train by about 5 mins, so her partner (I was gonna type boyf there, but he's 64 so that looked a bit silly!) Alan drove us in, which was lovely of him.

The new shopping centre in Bath was CRAPOLA, literally about 6 shops open, and none of them ones that interest me (All Saints, over priced, under coloured poncy clothes, no thanks). So we wandered around the other shops and bought very little, I bought: A birthday Card - see pic (such funny cards, we stood and read them all and giggled a lot), A mini salt dispenser that looked like a rabbit (has those ears that you crack to get out the salt) that is now called Malcolm, bits and bobs for the kids stockings and in the last 5 mins a black and white small polka dotted winter coat. Nicky got a card, and a cheeseboard for herself lol.

We had an awful Jacket Potato in a pub - this Jacket had obviously never even been in the same room as an oven, a nice bottle of wine and then we came back on the train.

Joe came home from school very sheepishly, nothing wrong with him the little bugger!

And finally Jason finished work at 4.30pm last night, it was so nice to have him home a bit early.


  1. What a funny ol' day you had.
    Glad you got out even if the shopping was a disappointment x

  2. Ha Ha, this card is hilarious - always have to stop and read these too!
    Sorry the shopping was so rubbish - just think of the money you saved instead? xx


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