Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Frazzle Situation

I told you all the stray dog story the other day, well of course I couldn't resist a layout all about him!

I've not scrapped on black for ages, but it looks good against all the bright colours on this layout.

I was also asked to make a card today - I had a 3 hour deadline on that, and no card mojo whatsoever, however I managed to do it, but its not a favourite.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Rocket card

Happy Bank Holiday!

What awful weather we have had here today, its been like winter, but its a perfect day to spend snuggled up in front of the telly. I did want to put the heating on for an hour, but it seems my boiler is on the blink so now we have to have British Gas round tomorrow!

I finally managed to get off the sofa to make this fun little card that I have had in my head for a while now. The rocket is a Silhouette file that I choose to print out rather than cut so that I could colour it in as I wished, I love that option with cut files! The cloud paper is the 6x6 Echo Park Summertime range and I decoupaged a couple of clouds for extra definition.

We've had a lovely and busy weekend, on Saturday we went to my mums for a family BBQ, the weather was challenging, but in the end it was really ok and I had a really lovely time. On Sunday (our anniversary) we went for a gorgeous meal and then spent the rest of the day socialising with friends.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

A year ago today

I married Jason (or J1 - as Jess calls him)

In someways the year has flown and in others that fantastic, fun day we had seems like it happened an age ago!

Today Jason is taking me to a lovely posh(ish) pub for a gorgeous lunch and then we will go to our local (where we had our reception) and have some drinks and a nice relaxed afternoon with various friends.

Happy Anniversary Jason xx (1 year married today, and 6 years to the day we met!)

P.S - how GREAT is it that paper is the 1st year anniversary present???? Oh yeah!!!

Friday, 27 May 2011

An obsession with twine

I've had some bits of bakers twine in my craft collection for a while now and never really understood what its purpose was or how to use it. In cards is the answer! I am OBSESSED at the moment with twine and its making its why on to most of my cards. I only have 3 colours though, but I have purchased some more from ebay and am really looking forward to the possibilites!

Here is a card for my brothers upcoming birthday (note the twine!)

Here is a general one that has no intended recipient yet (note the twine!)

Here is one that I made with a cute cameo silhouette (note the twine!)

Here is one I originally made for our anniversary, although I have since made one I like better (note the twine - oh hang on no! no twine! good girl!)

I have also been busy scrapping away in a right old fever this week, managed to make 3 for Twisted Sketches and hopefully now I have about 6 weeks before another one is due and I hope to do some scrapping just for me - I can never scrap just for me when I have a deadline for something else :(

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

STOP! - Twisted Sketches 103

I've had a marvelous day so far, I decided not to exercise, not to do any ironing and to actually sit down early before I have time to procrastinate the whole day away, and have a day of crafty delights!

I've made a couple of cards already (I am a sloooow crafter) and I am enjoying just shuffling paper and pootling around trying this and that.

But today I am going to show you this weeks layout for Twisted Sketches, pop on over and have a nosey at the sketch and join in - Twist this week was STOP!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Stray Dog Tale and other stories

We've had an eventful few days pet wise! On Friday we went to Weston and on our return we luckily left something in the car, I say luckily because when Jason went to get it he saw a big box lying on the ground right behind his car, he nudged it with his foot and a barrier went down and he realised it was a cage. Then someone popped their head around and said that they were trying to catch a kitten they were worried about to take it to the RSPCA, and pointed to said kitten who turned out to be our 4 year old cat!! Apparently she has been pestering the neighbours for food and as she was so small they thought she was a stray. A little cross that before calling the RSPCA and getting a cage from them they couldn't have asked around a bit or knocked on a few doors to see if anyone knew who she belonged too! We were literally 5 minutes from having our cat taken and rehomed (yes I know I should get her chipped!) Skittle may be tiny but she LOVES to food and is a complete pesterer about it, but I have since wormed her to be on the safe side.

Then on Sunday we were in the kitchen with the back door open when our dog makes an extreme bolt for it and dashed at full pelt out the door and into the garden, lo and behold there is a big old collie cross type dog in our garden! Looked around and no obvious owners about, so now we have to be the pet pesterer and catch the blummin thing, which is now already half way up the road. We finally get him on a lead and he has a tag, so I phone them and no answer. We take the dog into our house whilst Jason knocks on a few doors (see its not hard catnapper!) and finally after 10 mins we find out who he belongs to and they didn't have a clue he was missing! In the meantime I took this snap of Jessica with both dogs as she was in her absolute element. Frazzle (the collie) then saw skittle come in the door and leapt that stairgate in a single bound!

Today I took Bruno for his booster, the big old woosy child cried like a baby when he saw the needle and then piddled on their floor, I would be cross with him but it cost me best part of £40 so they deserve a bit of piddle!!!

Craftwise I've done a DT layout and a couple of cards, this one for my sister who has just finished her teacher training and has already managed to secure a position for next year!

And this card I just knocked up that I will prob give to my mate on her upcoming birthday.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

You are invited

Its Jessica's birthday in a couple of weeks and so she is having a sleepover in half term. I found myself at a loose crafty end this week and so I decided to make her some fancy invites for her friends

The group shot!

They are all individual, the base cardstock is sprayed in a golden cosmic shimmer mist, which gives the invites a nice shimmery glittery effect. All the elements for this were cut using silhouette files for my craft robo.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Scrapbook Magazine Pages

Back in January I was asked to do a couple of layouts for TSM and this time it was extra exciting as Lindsey sent me some supplies to use - it was the KaiserCraft Bubblegum Hill range that wasn't even in the released til March, and features lots of lovely butterflies and some glittered and glossy papers. Happy post day that was!!

I was asked to design a sketch and then make 2 layouts based on it, so here is what I came up with:

You can see the sketch I designed in the latest issue - out now!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Layered Liam

Last week was a girl and this week its a boy at Little Musings

He comes with lots of cool clothes (and heads!!) to choose from. I made this little surf card, great for the cool dudes out there!

The surf board is actually a cut file from Silhouette but instead of cutting the lines I printed them out so I could colour it as I liked! Love that you can do that with silhouette files to make them more like digi stamps! The wave is also a cut file as is the little greeting tag.

Off to Weston tonight as its half price rides and attractions on Friday evening and Joe and I missed out a fortnight ago, so we are going again - Yay!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

NEVER put a healthy dog down

I can't believe I haven't scrapped this story before. For some reason I woke on Tuesday and the memory popped into my head and I knew what I would be doing that day.

(photo has uploaded to blogger all blurry!!)

In case you can't read the journaling here is the story. Jessica is obsessed with animals, she just loves them, especially dogs and she has always said she wants to work for the dogs trust after watching their adverts on the telly. One day when she was about 5 we were walking home from school when she told me she was worried she wouldn't be strong enough to work for the Dogs Trust, I asked her why and she put her arms out said "Because they never put a healthy dog down and my arms will get tired!" I just about DIED laughing, she got all embarrassed when we explained why, but it was such a funny moment!

Little diet and fitness update: I am on week 14 now (I think) up until Sunday there was still not a single lb weightloss and so I decided to shake up my diet and I have gone on high protein low carbs instead of calorie counting/low fat and in 2 days have lost 2lbs, whether this will carry on who knows but at least the scales are moving downwards at last. Exercising is going well and is now such a part of my routine of a morning I hardly even dread it anymore, in fact I love the kickboxing and dance exercises that I do! I think now I deserve a bit of weightloss as its hard to keep at it when you lose nothing week after week.

Monday, 16 May 2011

3 cards

Just some cards to show today that I have made at various points last week.

This one uses some stickers that I have lying around - cute little owl!

This is my fav, I cut the doily with my craft robo - I LOVE that I can do that! Really like the soft muted colours on this one

And I have been asked to make a baby card, here is one - lets hope its a boy!! I may have to make this one up again in pink!

Again I used the robo for the elephant

Right, now I am going to try and do something useful as I have been a bit lazy this morning.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Dress up Doll

Hello - blimey whats been up with Blogger the last 2 days, have missed all my blog hopping.

Anywho, today I have this to show you:

Its a little dress up doll playboard for small children, I kept it simple big and chunky for smaller hands (although Jessica has had a play!) Its made like a photo frame and the little doll comes unattached or can be dressed whilst still on the board. Like the doll and the clothes? then go on over to Little Musings to download the digi stamp, the doll comes with loads of options (even different heads!!!)

In other news Jessica is in my bad books for having a mobile bill of £33 this month when its supposed to be £6. Apparently she went 55 mins over her call allowance, she says she had a big argument with her friends and it needed sorting! at £27 she can sort it face to face! Its all money money at the moment, both kids have school trips that are in the £30 region and both pets need their jabs - pah!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Let her eat Cake - Twisted Sketches 101


My teams turn at Twisted Sketches this week and the twist was Curve. Here is my take on it:

Poor Jessica she has her year 6 SATS this week at school but she is fighting off a bug and today had to do her test in isolation and then I had to pick her up afterwards, she is currently lying on the sofa feeling a little bit better. Tomorrow if she is well enough she can go in just for the hour of the test and do it in isolation again. She is a bit stressed out by it all as she is a high performing pupil and doing well really matters to her. Stupidly they don't offer a resit day and you just get marked as absent on your test result.

Monday, 9 May 2011


What! is a store that we have locally here in Bristol, i'm not sure if they are Nationwide but if you have one near you its really worth a good rummage as they do have some great bargains.

This time I got these fabulous chipboard layered flowers for £1 a strip of 5, can you image the price if these were a branded big craft name??

And also these excellant Thicker alike alphas for £1 each!

And with one of the flowers I made this little card:

I was so thrilled to get my new craft robo blade and housing today, I've had no luck with the cheapo blades off ebay and its so nice to stick a blade in and have the thing actually CUT the card!! (Fay in my last post, yes I had cut some elements with the robo, the swirl and the title)

Joe is well now and back at school, he also got to spend yesterday afternoon at his dads, and we got to get out and about for a bit too which was much needed.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Celebrate - Twisted Sketches

Hello Happy Sunday

Update on Joe (written at 8.15am) - he has had such an awful few days in almost constant pain. I ended up calling NHS Direct last night just to reassure myself really and Joe was insisting that I call a doctor. He has been having a migraine or at best a severe headache since Friday morning, mixed in with occasional vomiting and a raging fever, hes been in so much pain and its so difficult to watch. NHS Direct told me to keep doing what I was doing and that if his fever got worse or his headache intestified one more time to call out a doctor.

Luckily he actually got a teeeny bit brighter in the next hour (he started to talk a bit) and so at 9 we packed him off to bed with a cold compress, where he has been all night, his fever came down nicely in the night and apart from being pale he looked peaceful. He has just got up, he feels warm, had a mild headache on one side, but my god he looks better, so much more perky and bright. He is really hoping to go see his dad for the day as he misses him and he will not be going next weekend. He doesn't have to be well, just well enough for the 10 minute car journey, and I think he may well be - YAY I am so pleased, I suffer from migraines so I know what he was going through although mine only ever last a short time.

Anyhoooo this week is Twisted Sketches 100th Sketch and so the theme is CELEBRATE. I followed the sketch quite faithfully this time and so here is my take:

I hope you all have a lovely end to the weekend. Jason and I are hoping to get out for a few hours this afternoon if Joe goes to his dads (and he is getting perkier and perkier even as I type, seriously he is talking our ears off!) I have a serious case of Cabin Fever having not really been out of the house since Monday, fingers crossed I think it will happen.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Thinking of You

20 mins!!! Thats how long it took to make this card, blummin amazing for me!

I had a bit of time to fill but did not want to make a mess and get everything out so I made this card with just the scraps and bits and pieces I had within an easy hands reach, no stretching was involved with the making of this.

I think it looks lovely on the Kraft, plain, simple and elegant.

Then later I made this card too, again just from my shapes and scraps box, another quick make. And that folks is all from me - over and out!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Wing'ed Things

Good morning, I have been a bit absent but I have been crafting merrily away fear not!

This evening we are supposed to be going to Weston for fish and chips and a walk on the pier to celebrate my mother in laws 70th Birthday, I did not think that I was looking forward to it, however, Joe woke up with a fever and I find myself a bit dissapointed that we cannot go and more so that I will not see Jason and Jess as they will go :( I do think that Joe might be having a migrane though so there is a chance that he will be ok later. Bless him he is fast asleep in my bed at the moment and looks so peaceful, hopefully he will be like me, I always fall asleep after a migraine and wake up all wobbly and hungry and weak and then after some food I am as right as rain!

Anyhoo this is what I have to show today. I was given this digi stamp set to play with

and this is what I came up with, just a very simple card with a touch of glitter.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

She Loves Them All

Its so nice to have the kids back at school, be back in the pink of health and actually get stuff done, today I have exercised on my new Wii Fitness Coach Club that OMG nearly killed me it is a through workout! Tidied the house and that was most needed and then I sat down to scrap.

It was so lovely to get some craft time. This is an old photo that I have scrapped twice before but its such a cute shot!

I hope you all had lovely long weekends. I sat down to watch the Royal Wedding at about 8am and was GLUED to the screen, I was amazed at how composed Catherine was, a true princess. Saturday was a domestic kind of day, food shopping and being at home. Sunday was a BBQ with Jasons family and then meeting friends in the pub and Monday was a spot of shopping before meeting friends for lunch and a nice relaxed afternoon in the wine bars beer garden. I am almost relieved to have a few days quietly at home on my own! In fact I was invited out for drinks one evening this week and for the sake of my liver I passed up on it! I KNOW!!!
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