Monday, 23 November 2009

lookey what I made

I am getting a notebook edge border punch for Christmas and I have wanted one for ages. Today I thought I would try and design a cutting file for the Craft Robo so I wouldn't have to wait for crimbo.
I've tried before, but I am design challenged and have always ended up cross and frustrated when I have tried. Very naughtily the punch arrived at the weekend and I have a v quick go so that I would know how to design it.

The first pic is from the punch and the second is the cutting file that I have made. Looks good I think! I kept designing it the wrong way around so that the waste was the negative if you see what I mean, but I got my head round it in the end! Nothing major design wise but for me its a
minor miracle!


  1. Hey if you can do that on the Craft Robo, you dun need any punches! Looks great how it has come out!
    P.S. Thanks for the award.... in the midst of filling it out!


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