Thursday, 27 October 2011

Forever Blowing Bubbles

I have been a poorly person this week, the poorly started on Monday evening and is still hanging about now, although I am feeling a lot perkier today! I haven't left the house since Monday lunchtime and I have only just got dressed for the first time since Monday!! The house is of course an absolute heap despite the children doing lots of little jobs for me. I sent Joe to the shop to buy me fish paste (I wanted sardine and tomato paste on white soft bread, it was a poorly craving!) and he came pack with seafood sauce, bless him! Kids doing jobs therefore is never as effective as me doing jobs, however every time I try to stand up, I nearly fall down with dizzyness so the kids it is!

You will have to excuse a lack of things crafty at the moment, what with a busy weekend, the poorly and a whopper of a commission to do when I am back on my feet, the old bloggeroo might be a bit on the sparse side. However I do have something to show, its my teams turn at Twisted Sketches and the twist is black, bob on over and have a look at the sketch and come join us!! Rallying cry!!! (can you tell I am BORED out of my brain??)

Right, well I can't stay here gassing all day, I've got to get back to sitting in front of daytime tv and making the bum dent in the sofa even more pronounced then it already is! I WANT TO GET BETTER AND DO STUFF!!! Over and out pip pip!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween Banner

Browsing the Silhouette Store this morning, I couldn't resist getting these banner files and once I had bought them I got straight to work making this cute Halloween banner (even though I am not a halloween fan!)

Now this is not the banners final resting place, I need some help to attach it to our living room wall so for photography purposes its attached to our radiator.

In other news, I had a lovely weekend but it was far to social and far to 'drinky' so I am looking forward to a nice night in tonight, I am making Beouf Bourginon for tea tonight with piles of cabbage - can't wait. Also can't wait for the twiglets to get home, they've been gone since Friday lunch to Haven with their dad and now I am missing them and am eagerly awaiting their return!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Stop... Hammer Time

Great fun making this one! Jason and Jessica tidied up the back garden last weekend and Jessica loved smashing up a wooden pallet that we had with a hammer.

Mel: I loved your old pages, they remind me a bit of a smashbook, how lovely to have something like that to look back on of your school days! I tried to comment on your blog but it does not seem to want to let me!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

At the beginning

I was moving some stuff around on the top of our wardrobe this morning which involved moving all my scrapbook albums, of course I couldn't resist a peep and the first one I opened was my first ever album with my first ever pages made back in late 2008!

I think we all have some horrors/lovely first efforts, the ones that you look back on and smile, not because of the memories that you documented but because of how dodgy your first few efforts really were and how proud you were of them back then!

And so I present to you a few of my first ever pages: Leigh Woods, this page doesn't even have a title!!! How did I miss that? And I love my lovely double mounted journaling panel.

Back in the old days I hadn't 'found' the better paper brands, this was an old DCWV spring stack effort.

I think this one was my 2nd ever try! This was made with my very limited stash and namely HOTP papers, which I thought was da bomb back then! New Technique alert!!!!! I used hidden journaling!

This one I hate to say, appeals to me now, its bright and the computer printed letters (what were thickers back then, I didn't know!) I actually quite like still!

Some come on, post some of your first layouts to your blog and link me up, I would love to see them!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Off to Camp

Ooops i've been missing in action for a while haven't I? Or should I say missing in inaction as I haven't really done anything at all.

Joseph went off for his first camp with the Air Cadets at the weekend, he came back cream crackered, he could not even really talk and just wanted to sit down quietly for a while, he enjoyed himself though!

Sat down to make this today just to get back in the swing. The letters are cut on the big shot using thin sticky backed cork that I have had for a while. I love the little bit of interest that a bit of machine stitching adds, I just wish it wasn't such a hassle to drag it out and set it up!

Lisa thank you for your last comment, can't make Saturday unfortch as got a busy weekend and thats the only time I have for boring old food shopping - hope it all goes well though!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Over excited!

A card to share with you today for the children's dads birthday!

Just a simple one, I always find mens cards so hard to do, if they don't play golf or have a specific interest then its all a bit like hard work! The monitor and keyboard and greeting are all as usual silhouette files that I printed and coloured.

What am I excited about? The possibility of getting my iphone tomorrow, it seems that even though I did not preorder on the first day there is a good chance it will arrive tomorrow after all and I really can't wait!!! I will so be following all the hype tomorrow, checking forums and watching in real time as people receive them! Yes I am aware that I am sadder than sad, but I don't care!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Queen of her heart

I want to say "Morning" but its gone past midday so "Afternoon" ;)

Its my teams turn over at Twisted Sketches this week and the twist is 'Envelope' pop on over to have a go! Here is my take:

Joe is settling well at Air Cadets, so well in fact that I got a call from him whilst he was on parade last night to ask if he could go on camp this weekend. He is the only cadet from his squadron going, he is going with one of the leaders and loads of cadets from other squadrons, I think that is so brave of him! He came back with a kit pack that is almost the size of me, Jason said he walked out and all he could see was a backpack with 2 skinny legs sticking out walking towards him! Hes not allowed on camp until he is enrolled but they were willing to do the admin part of enrolling him early so that he could go! He will be cream crackered when he gets back on Sunday night!

Monday, 10 October 2011


I'm a little bit (over) excited that I have preordered an Iphone 4s as my 3gs upgrade, how serendipidous that my entitlement to an early upgrade was just a couple of weeks ago!

I am very keen to try Siri, how cool to be able to have a conversation with your phone! I can't wait to ask her if I will need my coat before I leave the house and also tell her I fancy italian food and have her find local restaurants for me, and of course voice activated text messages will be ace, I hope it works as well as they seem to think it does!

The best news being that I got this upgrade for £4 less a month (im having less texts and mins but I never use anywhere near my allowance) and I can sell my old iphone to Mazumba for about £90 or so!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Christmas Lights

Good afternoon.

More drama in this household when Jessica decided to chop the tip of her thumb off in cookery at school. We had to take a trip to the docs to get it patched up proper. Jessica is not what one would call a 'trooper' in these situations, she gets very upset and we had a lot of tears. Poor little thing, but she is patched up now and enjoyed all the attention she got!

She was making soup when the incident occured, "not to worry mum, Rebeccah says she will collect it for me" she says. So we trek to the docs, its about a 20 min walk away and bugger me if Rebeccah and her mum aren't there too, so to my absolute delight, I got the soup there and then! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to sit in the docs waiting room with a container of soup on my lap, looking for all the world like the local village idiot! I was more thrilled when I decided due to the soup and the uphill nature of the walk back to jump on the bus, so we waited 10 mins, along comes the bus, he shakes his head at me and keeps going! Blind fury got me up that road and back home. I am wondering if what with Jessica's bandaged thumb and a clear container of what could well have been vomit the bus driver decided to pass on us!

And so to crafty matters and this CAS card I made a couple of days ago, I printed the christmas lights (inspired by the wonderful Dawn Mcvey) hand stamped both the sentiment and the little banner of red card and just keep it nice and simple.

Layered up those pretty little bulbs and just the tiniest bit of glitter that looks lovely when it catches the light.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Autumn Offerings

Another Silhouette card from me today, this was made entirely from silhouette shapes, the background, the leaves, the pumpkin and the sentiment, I just added the colouring, gems and glitter!

I like making these cards, I can sit on the sofa with my laptop and design it and then go and makeit when I get a moment or two. I'm rather pleased with the colouring of the red/brown leaf, it looks like I might have picked it from the garden!

Joe came back from the Air Cadets last night with yet more uniform, in 3 sessions we have been given:

3 different shirts
2 pairs of dress trousers
1 pair of cami trousers
a beret
a tie
a belt
1 heavy smart jumper
1 cami coat
1 pair of boots
1 pair of shoes

Its really sweet to see Joe taking care of it all and worrying that it is all clean, ironed and polished, shaped etc. At the moment of course I am doing most of that but its something that he will be doing once we are up to speed with it all!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Happy Halloween

We don't really 'do' halloween here in the UK, well not on the same scale as the Americans thats for sure! I've been seeing all these cute halloween cards and projects appearing all over blog land and I just couldn't resist making a couple of cards, just for the sheer hell of it!

I used my craft robo ALOT for these 2 cards, in this first one, I have cut out the graveyard frame and coloured in various greys. The cute chubby mummy is a cut file that I printed out and coloured with promarkers and the cute web and spider is a digi stamp.

This one is almost all robo, the frames (one of which I stamped a background on with an ink a shade darker just to break up all the blocked colours) the web and spider and the sentiment are all silhouette (robo) files too. The spider is covered in glossy accents!

We are finally back on line 'proper' after some modem problems, our modem was very old and just gave up the ghost, I think this new one is really helping the speed too! I won't talk too soon though!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Two for Monday

Afternoon, wow what a scorcher of a weekend most of us in the UK have had! Its still very warm today and I am glad to be indoors for the rest of the day now, with the fan going.

I have 2 clean and simple christmas cards to share today, one made with this weeks little musings freebie (which could be used for birthdays as well) and one from a digi stamp I just purchased today from this site, love her designs and I may well be buying some more!

Right, time for a cuppa I think!
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