Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Oh Dear!

Today Skittle (our cat) did not turn up for her breakfast, she is a persistant little cat and meows loudly at 8.55am every morning for her food.
I was worried.

Then at 2.55pm I saw her black tail walk past the door and went to see her.... she was limping.

I have looked at her paw and something is not right, so we are taking her to the vets shortly. The vets think its good that she is eating and that she has been up on things, but bad that she is choosing to 'hide' under the bed and have asked us to bring her in. £30 for the consultation, not the end of the world - but with our overspend at the weekend I could do without it. £30 is not what worries me, what worries me is x-rays, medication and maybe even surgery. £30 I can handle, £300 not so much! And I'll admit if its £30 to just be told its a bit of brusing then also that will make me cross, vets fees are extorinate (they once tried to charge me £160 t0 make the dog sick when he had eaten some chocolate - in the end it cost us 50p - the price of some soda crystals which is what they use to induce vomiting in dogs!)

Bloody Bloody Bloody - typically it was literally only 3 days ago that I was thinking that I should insure her as we had been lucky with her so far - the dog is insured why not the cat!!???? Arggggh

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that its just a bit of brusing (yes I know I was whinging about that, but its the best option really!)

Knew I bloody hated that cat!

Here is a nice pic of skittle cuddling Jess - she love her!


  1. Fingers crossed for Skittle. Our vet always tries to flog us flea and worm treatment regardless of what we go in for - puts me off going!!!

  2. Oh Emma hope its only bruised and what a loving picture of them too .Would love that photo .Kids things for chrimbo came today ,will check tomorrow as very tired tonight x

  3. It's amazing how much treatment for pets cost..... fingers crossed for you that she will be ok!


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