Saturday, 14 November 2009

Christmas Diary - on a budget

I really wanted to do Journal your Christmas this year, but looking into it and looking into the way I wanted to do it I couldn't justify the extra cost, so I am going it alone. I have PLENTY of ideas, I think I am going to do it as a daily diary, I already have about 25 ideas for different aspects of Christmas, it all came very quickly to me, and I am sure that a lot of what I have thought of would be within the class anyway, I am just missing a bit of the inspiration and a few of the more off the wall ideas, but I can live with that!

This book I got from the shop WHAT! it cost me £1.19 and will be my diary, the pages inside are black, which will prob cause me a bit of a problem, but I think its workable with. I have also gone through all my stash and pulled out anything remotely christmassy, colours in Green, Red, Pink, Blue and all shades therein. The idea is that I don't buy anthing especially for it and I use what I have (although we are going to The Range shortly and I think I may be tempted!)

When I do projects and mini books I always go for a uniform look with pages that match throughout, I really want to get away from that with this diary and produce a gloriously messy and missmatched look that will be fun to look through, and different on every day!

My first entry will be about Advent (the calendars more specifically) and I really can't wait to get started!

I did the front cover yesterday, this included stickling the title work, I then put it in what I thought would be a good place to dry and then Jason and I toddled off to the pub. Fast forward 2 hours and Jason turns his head, and his cheek was quite liberally glittered, much to the amusement of our friends we proceeded to discuss quite why Jason might have glitter on his face. Apparently it envolved a rebellious packet of Spaghetti leaping out of the cubboard and onto my diary! You can't keep anything nice in my house!


  1. Have you seen that Jessica Sprague is doing a free class called Holidays in Hand. Go to, you need the code HIHFREE2009 (you might have to register first). May not fit entirely with what your planning on doing - but the prompts might help and it's free!!!

  2. Luv your Xmas journal. I need to make a start with mine! If you're interested, I can email you Jessica Sprague's Xmas prompts if you didn't manage to register on time! Let me know!


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