Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Its a very good job that I love Jason, because if I didn't it would have been 'bye bye' by now i'm afraid.

He is the worlds MOST impossible man to share a bed with. On Sunday he very kindly offered to sleep downstairs as I was in the grips of insomnia. This was LOVELY but has made me realise how much I would rather sleep alone.

Last night, it started with the fairly standard and frequent jolting in his sleep. Jason cleverly waits till I am just about to drop off before he goes into his enthusiastic interpertation of Riverdance, with his wee little legs going like the clappers at 5 min intervals, thats just enough amount of time between each recital for me to start to doze again, before I am once again snatched from an almost slumber. I let him off this 3 times before he got a swift kick.

Then came the snoring about 30 mins later. Snoring dosen't normally bother me as I wear earplugs, but he was going some last night and so after 10 mins of listening to it, he got another kick.

All was then quiet and just 2.5hrs after going to bed I fell asleep. I had lots of dreams last night, but one was rudely interupted by a Jason letting of a fart that was so loud the space/time continuim was ruptured! I woke with such a start, and a shout of "Christ what was that?" Jason sheepishly said sorry and as I was disturbed I stropped off to the loo. I got back to the bedroom to find that Jason has very librally sprayed AFTERSHAVE all around the room, I know he was only trying to help but christ on a bike, the SMELL! It was so strong that I am afraid I might have lost my temper at this point and the words "You are a f'ing moron" might have been shouted! We have spoken about inappropriate use of aftershave at night before believe it or not!

This is not a bad night for us, its a fairly standard night and I am not joking when I say, that if not seperate bedrooms in the future we may have to go down the seperate bed route, 4.5 years of this now and I don't know how much more I can bear. Its a good job that he is so fantastic when he is awake!

This little Lo I made today, its of a group of online friends that went on a scrapbook retreat, we all subscribe to Scarlet Lime kits and so the pic is of us all holding the LO's we made earlier that day!

*Image removed for publication*


  1. I'm sorry that your post made me chuckle, as the reality of your night does not sound good! Hope you have a better one tonight.

    Must print that photo out and add it to my 'to scrap' pile.

  2. I chuckled too, and can also sympathise. OH waits until I'm nearly dropped off to sleep before rolling onto his back and snoring loudly. It's so annoying! Not quite as bad as it sounds like you're going through though x

    Great LO, I need to scrap that photo too :)

  3. Great layout, I love the paint.

  4. Luv that LO and must remember to scrap mine! Sorry to hear about your nite problems... I too can't sleep if my other half snores.... I push him to his side when he does snore otherwise I can't sleep! Let's hope it gets better for you!


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