Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Countdown Day 1-2

Itching to craft and not making too good a job of it!

Sat down to try to use my latest Scarlet Lime kit yesterday, and just spent an hour staring at bits of paper and feeling my mojo drain away.

So I turned my attention to my Chistmas Countdown. I must admit to doing the first page about 2-3 weeks ago as I was itching to get started!! But I made it double sided to incorporate the advent house I made this year.

I've gone for the higgledy piggledy look of different sized and shaped pages, so that you can see bits of other pages all over it. Seen lots of people do this and its a look that I love, I struggle a bit as I like cleaness in my pages, but I am liking what I've acheived so far!

And under these 2 pages, you can see the start of Day 4 - which I am hoping is going to be about the weather! So I really really need frost tomorrow morning so I can get a lovely icy frost shot for it!

Today will be about out Christmas Wishes, I have asked for Jason's and he is being a typical bloke about it and can't think of one, so I will construct the page and leave a gap for his and his wish will have to fit in it lol.

Had 2 driving lessons this week, yesterday was an hour almost exclusively on the dual carriageway ring road, so lots of roundabouts and high speed stretches. This was a good lesson and I did well. Today we just drove around for an hour, normally good at that but loads of silly mistakes today, too fast round corners etc and the bloody gears in this car, I can't find the buggers! And I hit the curb at one stage!!! (Ooops) Cant imagine I will ever be safe or able to go out on my own!!!


  1. Your pages are looking great, love the higgledy piggledy look!

  2. The higgledy piggledy look is really good,like it a lot :-)

  3. This is looking really, really great. I love your higgledy piggledy look too!


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