Friday, 28 May 2010

Signing off - over and out

Hiya all

(that sounded a bit American!)

Well I am saying goodbye for a few days. We have had a busy day, asda this morning to buy wine, pizza, presents for the kids and flowers. I decided to make my own posy and buttonholes, practiced the posy last week and was quite pleased with the result, however today was a no go, just cannot get anything that doesn't look stupid - so no flowers - ah well!

Jason treated me to lunch in the pub, I have had such a restrictive diet over recent weeks that I could hardly eat it!

In about an hour, we are off to meet family and friends and we have about 150 balloons and some banners to assemble and put up in our evening venue (might put up a little photo of that later if I remember!). Then the girls are back to mine for wine and pizza.

So signing of as Mrs Dexter (thank the lord) and will be back on Monday all shiney and new as Mrs Bryan!!! Woohoo

Have a good weekend folks xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

3 Days to go

I'm pretty much up to speed with where I want to be this week, massive spring clean is on target, now I just have to convince the kids to keep it that way (hmmm yeah right!) So today I thought I would finish of this LO that I started yesterday. Originally this was going to be all about the pre wedding blues I have had (no not cold feet at all, just impatience and wanting the big day to be here) and hence all the blues!! But today I am obviously in a better frame of mind and its changed to being all happy and positive - yay!

In more mundane everyday news, our fridge is on the blink, its been unhappy for some time now, but its finally given up and I can't tell you how many times this week I have had lumpy milk (bleuuughh) - we have one on order but they wanted to deliver it on Saturday (things to do perhaps on that day??) so now we have to wait til next wednesday, at least it gives me an excuse to save money on the food shop this week.

Running is going well, this week has felt really tricky, but I am on target and I am now defiantley find it is helping my energy levels, I can't seem to sit still at the moment!

Monday, 24 May 2010

5 more sleeps to go!

The title is to the tune of "5 men went to mow" Just so you know ;)

*posts may be a bit boring for you lot this week - but I wanna document the run up to the wedding*

So the weekend was lovely, we spent Saturday afternoon in the pub with various friends and I went home early to preserve my mind and my weight (that worked NOT, another lb on this week!) I came home to find that Bruno had chewed the arm of my glasses, I was not a happy bunny, but luckily I had them repaired very easily and free of charge on Sunday.

Sunday we bought the last bits and pieces, shoes, fake tan, fake nails, music cd for the ceremony, string and balloon pumps etc.

Yesterday afternoon was a complete write off as it was sooooo hot, 30 in my kitchen in the afternoon, and we were all feeling jaded and hot and bothered.

Today I was up with the lark for the first run of week 2 - boy did that hurt! I was seriously puffed out at the end of that let me tell you, but I completed it so thats something! I have also been doing some serious spring cleaning today, decluttering, scrubbing etc all in prep for the fact that people will be dropping in and out fri eve/sat morning.

And of course now the kids are home from school and are doing their utmost to trash the joint!

I have also been Ninja like with the fly spray today, one thing I hate about having the doors open is that we get so many buzzy divebombing flies, last year one tormented me for weeks - well I am prepared this time, and I have killed 2 of the little buggers today.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Beautiful Saturday

Today is one of those very rare Saturdays, I don't have the kids and I don't have a hangover (yippee). Jason has just gone to work and won't be back til noon, so I might get a bit of scrapping in - this is almost unheard of on a Saturday morning!

We are thinking of spending the afternoon lazying in a pub by the river, which will be lovely, and then tomorrow we pick up the kids and head into town to pick up the last min bits and pieces for the wedding - namely Shoes for Joe, I did have to buy Jess shoes too, but then it struck me that she is the same size as me and I have hundreds of pairs of shoes, so I looked through my shoe stash and found a cute pair of silver ballet pumps I have never worn and so she is going to have those!

Last night was a bit butterfly tummyish in the pub as all our mates were there and there was lots of talk about the wedding and last min arrangements, like who is going who whos car, whats happening the night before, me pleading with Ray not to let Jason get drunk a: the night before and b: the day of the wedding. Ray was purposefuly winding me up, so I told the landlady to take his name of the guest list, I was just so tired last night (Jess was up with earache ALL the night before - she is miraculously fine now!) and I could not concentrate on the windups so I could really have lamped him one at one point!

On the night before, we are all going to decorate our venue early evening and then Les and hopefully Nicky (but she is a bit allergic to dogs) are coming back to mine, for weak wines (lemonade added) and pizza and Les is staying the night so that she can help out in the morning with taking me to the hairdressers and putting the dog in the kennel etc.

Oooo can you tell how excited I am getting!! I'm not sleeping too well at the moment as I am so hyped up (I struggle at Christmas too -I am such a kid!)

Anywho here is a lo I made a few weeks back (been keeping it for when I have nothing crafty to show)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Chubby Chops

I'm quite pleased with this one, because I so rarely scrap Jason, I am just not a slushy person so I struggle for a title for him (unless the title was an insult and then I could think of plenty!!)

Originally this was going to be another one of Jessica, but once I started I realised that it didn't actually suit the photo at all, so I dug out this baby one of Jason and I think it goes well with the papers. Look at the chubby little thighs on him! No wonder he ended up an excellant footballer!!

Today is a bit of a breakthrough as I woke up and didn't ache, my legs are almost back to normal, and I am hoping that my muscles are excepting that they are gonna be used a lot more from now on!

And we are now in the single figures on the wedding countdown - 9 days- eeeekkk . Actually I can't wait!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Jog On

This is possibly my fastest ever lo!

I sat down to scrap today and nothing was happening, I think I was uninspired by my photos, i've not got many 'good' ones at the moment and the ones I do have have to be printed in Black and White as my printer is playing up, telling me that the yellow ink is empty when its a new cartridge - it is frankly doing my head in and I can't seem to find a solution.

So I printed this photo in B+W and coloured it in a bit!

I did my 2nd run of c25k, this morning, despite being very stiff I managed it all and feel quite proud of that - the next run is Friday morning now.

Its a good job I am exercising as last week I managed to gain 3lbs, and this is on a diet of 1000-1200 cals a day (and those are fruit and veg calories as well) yes I had an afternoon in the pub, but I saved all my syns for that. Its so disheartening that after 5 weeks of solidly faithfully restrictly dieting I have now lost only 2lbs! I really don't know what else I can do, it seems my body wants to be this weight, I've tried and I've tried and I feel quite pooh about it all.

Normally nothing makes me give up, but sod it, I've just had a cherry bakewell and a bag of crisps, if I'm going to gain weight I may as well enjoy it.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Eeek Bad girl *slaps wrist*

I sat down yesterday to do my June DT Layout for and suddenly realised that I hadn't blogged Mays yet. I am a very very bad girl for this, but in my defense, around the time it went live I had major PC/Laptop problems and lost some photos - LO one included.

So heres the sketch:
And here is my Layout:
You can still play along, go visit the blog for details on how to enter - theres a prize!!!
Today I ache, but not too much considering, and I am looking forward to my run tomorrow too! Another thing I am looking forward to is White Trouser Days, by the end of the week the weather will be lush and I will be back in them YAY - I LOVE wearing white trousers!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Perfect Pals Take 2

So last week I made this LO, and it was kindly pointed out to me (because honest to god, I don't think I would ever have noticed myself, what with wedding brain) that I had missed the R out of perfect.

Unfortunalty I had drew around the letters in black pen, so it wasn't as simple as just moving the letters around a bit, so I had to put that pale pink patch of paper over the pen mark and then put the letters on again on top - its not perfect (pun NOT intended) but at least the LO has been saved. This is one of those LO's that looks really really nice in real life, the butterflies are so cute and the colours are so sugary and pretty that I didn't want to consign it to the bin!

But the big news of today is that I started my C25K (couch to 5km) programme today. I was up and out before 6.30am. I briskly walked to the fields and then I did 1 min running, 90 secs brisk walk x8 with a brisk walk back home at the end. It was ace! it was so nice to be up and out and the temperature was all crisp and the sun was out. On the 3rd of the 60 sec runs I started to feel it, but I managed it all and I am all set for my next run which is scheduled for Wednesday.

I am majorly pooped now though, but I am hoping as I get fitter I will feel more energised.

Also my Scrapagogo kit just arrived and it is LUSH, it may just be my favourite ever!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Can you guess what it is yet?

My new hobby (to be!) that is?

I've been following this thread on UKScrappers for over a week now with more and more interest.

I am so sick of being unfit and having no stamina and for ages I have fancied giving running a try, so this has really encouraged me. I've just been out and bought some running shoes and a sports bra (why are they so expensive?) and some leggings and tshirts, and then tomorrow morning at 6.30am I am going to start this program:

I am keeping this a secret from my mates, one of which is a very good runner and another (her partner) is an ex UK Athletics coach (running coach specifically), so I really don't need them to know (in case I fail!)

The dream is that I will take to it and be some superfit, super toned running goddess this time next year!!

Wish me luck - I will need it!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Perfect Pals

Hello, how is everyone on this fine(ish) Friday? I am so glad its the weekend, tomorrow Jason and I are going for some lunch and then to the pub with friends to watch the FA Cup final. I HATE football with an absolute passion, but it should be a good fun afternoon as everyone is out for it and I need to blow off a bit of steam. We have to get up early tomorrow though as we have to go to Cheltenham first to visit my gran.

*photo taken off due to silly billy spelling mistake*

I started this LO yesterday, its my daughter and her best pal. Jessica had been showing Emily the scrapbooking I do (she was showing off about being in magazines - bless her) and Emily asked if I would do a LO with her in it. So I took a pic of them on Tuesday and this is the result.

I have a little appeal now - I am helping to set up a WI in Keynsham, its not a normal old lady cake baking WI its called WI The Next Generation and its for a younger audience. I have set up a blog and we have posters etc advertising it in the local area. We want to create a bit of a buzz and don't want anyone put off by thinking that the blog is too quiet. So with that in mind would some of you lovely ladies please follow the blog (only til after the launch late June, would be all). We want people to think that the blog and therefore the idea is buzzing and happening. Cheers me dears!!! The linky for the blog is:

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Out of the funk

I've been in a bit of a funk the last week or two, a bit depressed a bit stuck on the sofa and definately not in a scrapping mood. Today despite poor sleep I have actually managed to acheive things, I have ironed, I have done the bit of work for the WI that I promised, inc designing a poster (if I could only work out how to change it to jpeg, it would be even better) and finally finally I have scrapped

Nothing earth shattering, but finally a finished LO that I can say "I made that" too. And I got to use my crest border punch that I bought nearly 2 weeks ago, and was unused and feeling unloved.

Now I just really wish the wedding would hurry up and arrive, I have so many things to do still but they are all last minute things, things that have definate dates attached to them and that I can't do anything until that date - frankly it is doing my swede in, I would like to decorate my venue today, I want my hair cut now, I want to buy the childrens footwear (and mine) and my little bag that I have realised I will need. I want to buy my flowers and make the posy and the button holes. Most importantly I want to wear my dress and look all lovely and special! (and of course say my vows ;) But come on - its all about the dress ;)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The morning after


(me and my old mate Sophie)
(nice pic of Les on the old Hipsamatic)

(Les, me and Nicky in Las Iguanas)

*****Photos will not move, so most are stuck at beginning of the post, all awful photos as taken on iphone!********

Please just kill me now!
The whole 12 hours passed by in a flash, a flash of cocktails, mexicans, pirates, piggy backs, bob marley, at midnight I could have carried on I really could.

We met in our local wine bar at 12.30pm, and then caught the train into Bristol, where we met up with an old mate I've not seen for over 3 years! We promply started on coctails and we had 4 jugs of pimms and something to eat. Les bless her got over enthusiastic and was trying to get me to chat up some old bloke, I had to tell her that I would rather slit my throat then do anything like that with only 3 drinks in me!! (that makes me boring apparently!!)

We then went to catch the ferry, a ferry that never turned up - That made Nicky and I v pleased as it was absolutely FREEZING, we made suitable "oh dear what a pity" noises whilst cheering silently in our heads and off we went to Las Iguanas for pitchers of Iguana Wana and Long Island Iced tea.
(Me wearing a bob marley hat and dreadlock combo)

Before we knew it, it was time for the taxi for the evening bit, where I met my sister, who had decorated the table with balloons and table confetti. We had a nice meal (I think!) and drank lots more - at 9pm the entertainment started with the words "Wheres Emma?" I tried to crawl under the table I really did, but that was the start of a load of little challenges, amongst them I had to use a cheesy chat up line on a stranger, get a piggy back around the venue etc etc. Gone were all my hopes of a quiet sophisticated night. I also had all manner of balloons, banners and silly hats attached to me, I could hardly move at one point. Luckily the place we go to is in the middle of the sticks and its the sort of place you go to for an occassion, so there was another hen party there and a 50th Birthday, so no one minded the silliness. The entertainer was good, a mix of modern, old stuff and general craziness.

(Nicky and me done up like a dogs dinner)

Then the taxi home at midnight and now a stonker of a hangover.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Wish me luck!

Well in 20 minutes I will be off on my hen do. I may be gone some time!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Please meet....

.....our new MP Mr Rees-Mogg *shudders*
Even without that whopping great rosette, I wouldn't have to tell you what party he was from would I?
I blame the young uns' Its not the blummin X Factor you stupid fools, if you voted Lib Dem, you may as well just have rolled over and let David Cameron tickle your tummy!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

One of a kind

Ugghhh I have had one of those weeks, Yesterday was just a total write off, when I managed to get myself very upset about my hen do, basically everyone has either not got back to me (old friends) or cancelled this week. I know that everyone who cancelled had good reasons and I don't blame them at all (after all they have their own lifes), but when it happens over and over it gets upsetting. Yesterday was the last straw and when I got a "really sorry, can't make it" email from another person I just lost it and spent the WHOLE day crying, moping about and feeling generally very sorry for myself.

It doesn't help that I HATE having occasions and parties in my name as I am paranoid that this sort of thing will happen and well now it has. So there is a grand total of 3 - yes 3 of us going on this hen do now - the 2 left know how upset I am and I know that nothing short of food poisoning/flu will stop them coming and luckily they are my besties anyway!

This morning I was feeling a little more like my old self, was up and out voting this morning, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the result that I want, I think that this country could be in serious shit if it goes the other way!

Then shopping for melons, yes melons, I am eating them like sweets at the mo - bit addicted too. Typically I wanted to buy 2 and then spent the walk to the bus worried that everyone was sniggering at me and thinking in their heads "lovely pair of melons she's got there"

And then finally this, i've not scrapped in about a week, not wanted too, had no desire, no mojo and generally just felt very overstretched and grumpy, but today I did this, and I likes it I does!

And just to make the day a little bit better, I've had another LO accepted for Book 3 of Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book - I think you get a comp copy of the book when you contribute, so thats 2 in a row now, which at 9.99 is happy savings!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

oh god, I'm just so pleased

Totally self indulgent post, have to tell someone, so the blog will have to be it.

I am losing weight, I have been on this god damn diet for months and it been half a pound off half a pound on, and being lucky if I lose 1lb a month, its been so slow and for 4 months all I did was maintain. Then I put on a couple of lbs eeek.

So with 7 weeks til the wedding I went for one last final push, I did my beloved SW diet but I restricted my carbs, I cut out all added and most processed salt (water retention is not a prob of mine anymore since the salt ban - I am literallly weeing for England, if it was an olympic sport I would get the gold!)

I live on fruit, and blummin veggies (with small amounts of protein and a very small amount of starchy carbs), my appitite has dulled and I am not finding it too hard at all.

First off and quite quickly I lost the 2lbs I had put on, then another lb went, and this morning I weighed myself and another 2lb gone, that 5lbs in just under 3 weeks, this is UNHEARD of! I am beyond chuffed.

Last night I went out, and I looked slim, flat tummy and all, and it got noticed too! yay me!!!

I know its probably not good to be all braggy, but I have worked long and hard since August and its so nice to think that v v soon I will be a size 10 (I might even have done it after todays weigh in!)

ooo and my lovely punch and glimmer mist arrived this morning, so all in all today is shaping up good (oo shaping up - thats a pun!)
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