Thursday, 19 November 2009

Give it some Welly

Well the good news is that my camera has decided to stop fart arsing about and has resumed normal (non blue tint) service. This is good as I was in danger of getting a replacement for Christmas. A replacement for something that I already owned does not excite me, so now the money is free for other things yipee!

I am having such good fun with my online crimbo presents. I got both the twiglets mobile phones, which they will be thrilled with and then I asked my mum to get them each a Polaroid Pogo a mini printer that you can bluetooth your mobile photos to. They will be thrilled! Well they'd better be!!!

Jessica is desperate for a mobile and has been nagging me for about a year now, She has been firmly told "no way" So she will be thrilled when she gets it this christmas.

Craft wise my mojo which was smoking has unfortunetly been put out and its not working so well for me now, I did however manage this today, its not the best but its not too bad. The scalloped photo frame is one of the mini border stamps that I had added on to my Scrapagogo kit, they are
FANTASTIC and I love them very much!


  1. Glad you've sorted your camera Emma and I love the wellies : )

  2. Emma is that hand stitching or did you use machine anyway loving papers .So happy you got camera sorted ,i remember when mine was down i thought it would never work .

  3. Good thing your camera sorted itself. Lovely colours used on the LO!


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