Sunday, 22 November 2009

Wii feet

Jason never spends any money on himself, he says he can never "Justify it" which winds me up as why should you justify it? He works hard and deserves to treat himself from time to time!

He told me in the week thats he wanted a Wii for ages and then did the whole "can't afford it" etc whilst googling the best deals. In the end he talked himself into it and off we went to get it yesterday. We got a package with the console, motion plus, wii sports, wii sports resort and beach sports. I got us the wii fit (You can't have a wii and not have wii fit!)

I do not know how we managed to leave the house last night for the party!!! It is addictive and I think I may have lost Jason to the tennis.

We popped out today to get another controller so we can compete against each other and we've spent a happy afternoon leaping about and getting v competitive! The dog is going nuts with all the activity.

Last night we went out, and it was a laugh. We had to walk home and it takes 10 mins to just get out of the venue we were at, it has a very very long drive. I sensibly decided on boots not shoes, and the bloody things tore my soles to pieces, so we stopped off at nicky's house and she lent me some fluffy socks and trainers, which were great but then tore my heels to shreds. So today I have very soorly feet!

We got home at 1am last night, to find the dog had poohed all over Jessica's room (she has painted floorboards so thats not too bad) and then all over the hall carpet. Its not fun when drunk with torn up feet having to clean up that, added to the fact that Jason flooded the toilet with the tissue and that I am phobic of flooded toilets so almost had a flaming panic attack, the end of the evening was a bit crappy (excuse the pun!!!)


  1. You've painted such a funny picture of your weekend - hope you've recovered now!

  2. You will enjoy the Wii... I do when I play with my kids.. they are far too good at the games! Shame about the evening... hope you have gotten it sorted!


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