Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cat update

Well we took the evil one to the vets last night. He agreed that something wasn't right with her foot, he had a good look around and its one of her toes thats causing the prob. He doesn't think its broken as he said she would be crying constantly and not just when he touched it.

So shes had a pain injection and I am told to bring her back either today or tomorrow to see how she is, if no improvement they want to sedate her so they can do a thorough exam.

I am not taking her back - I don't need to pay a consult fee to know shes improved. She is leaping on and off the furniture, only limping now in about 1 in 3 steps and even last night she was trying to get out the cat flap. Her foot looks wierd still but the vet thinks its just swelling and already it looks better and she is holding it better and lying and sitting properly now.

So all in all it was £41 (touch wood, if she still keeps improving)

But now my hairdryer is broken, I've had this hair dryer for about 10 years (could be more!) I am heartbroken. I do not want a new super duper dryer thats too heavy for my little wrists, I want my old Braun that is little and light yet powerful - I bet they don't still make it. Sigh MORE unexpected expense. Off to google it!

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