Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I am a figment of your imagination

According to the woman who created the calendar (which don't get me wrong I love!) to download on the Scrapbook Inspirations website, there is no December 31st, my mum was born on December the 31st so she obviously doesn't exist which means I don't either. This has caused me great distress but I have looked in the mirror and I really do seem to be here.

So I have had to write in the 31st! Anyway here is a collage of the calendar that I finshed today, I just need to punch holes in it and string it together now, not sure whether to gift it or keep it! Some of the pages look a bit wonky, but thats the way I had to crop it, its all perfectly straight(ish) in real life!

An update on the visit to my gran: She didn't really know who we were and was just drifting in and out of sleep, so we sat with her for an hour and a half and I just held her hand. She can't hear anything and got distressed when I talked to her as she couldn't hear (and didn't really know who I was anyway) so I just sat with her. She has to leave her residential home now as she needs too much nursing care. I hope she goes soon, this is no life for her and shes had enough I know.


  1. Your poor mum - at least you know when it's her birthday!! Your calender is looking great.

    Thinking of your gran x

  2. Loving that calendar .No 31st well that explains a lot i sometimes do feel im not here or there .How strange that both nans are in same position and fading fast ,its so hard to witness .

  3. The calendar is great Emma, so simple and really effective. Sorry to hear about your gran xx

  4. Luv the calendar you created! Need to do one for myself now. You certainly do exist... I've seen you! LOL!

    Sorry to hear about your nan... it's distressing when they reach that stage.

  5. mmmmmmmm I like that alot!!!

    Hoe you are ok after the visit to your Nan x


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