Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am not a fan of Halloween! But this year Joe and Jess are going to a sleepover including some trick or treating. We had a hell of a time (ho ho) getting them costumes today, most places were sold out and Matalan want £25-£40 for a decent one - thats why they had so many in stock. Anyway we managed it in the end.

I've just been practising Jessica's hair and make up in case she didnt like the big hair, but she loves it and is flouncing around the house diva like lol . This photo is of her with the practice hair and make up. will take more photos of them both when they are in full costume


  1. aww she looks fab hun, love the hair and make up!! happy halloween

  2. That's such a fantastic photo, she already looks scary, looking forward to seeing the 'for real' photos!


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