Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Back from the hospital

Well thats over with now, thank god!

We got to the hossy at 7.30 and walked up to day surgery and the waiting room was absolutely heaving, my heart sank when I saw it! We stayed there for 45 mins, apparently there was a problem on the day surgery ward, beds were being occupied and obviously in day surgery, they shouldn't be!!!

I managed to put my BIG bag down on a womans foot (although my hand was still bearing most of the weight of it), I apologised profusely, as you do and Joe and I got the filthiest of filthy looks from her, and then continued to for the the whole time we were sat there! It was awkward as we were sitting opposite her and the seats were so close together I could probably have leant forward and kissed her without my bum leaving the seat!!!! Later on I was walking past her bed and heard her talking to the surgeon about her 'foot' operation - ooops! But really it wasn't purposeful and if she had any compassion, she may have realised that shooting filthy looks continously at an anxious mother was a little below the belt.

We then got called one by one into the ward, we were about 2/3rd down the list and I had a little sigh to myself thinking that might be the running order. However we were seen so quickly, first from the anaestatist who was lovely and then by the surgeon, then before we knew it Joe was walking to theatre. Joe got very upset on the trolley and didn't want to go through with it, but the anaestist (i'm never spelling that correctly) put 'cars' on for him and then he had to breathe strawberry flavoured gas, he was asleep within 40 secs. I then had a little cry, its not nice seeing them go under.

I was told the op would take 40 mins and it would be 60 mins before I could see him. 20 mins later I was stood with him in recovery, it was sooo quick! Joe was shivering violently, so they put a really warm heated blanket on him and then he just babbled rubbish and fidgeted so much they couldn't get obs from him!! The nurse was bantering with him a bit, telling him she didn't need his whole cv - Joe was listing his favourites for all to hear bless him! Oh and telling her the NHS were the best, much to the delight of the whole room.

We then went back to the ward, where Joe became more coherent and then 90 mins after the op we left!

That was 6 hours ago and Joe has watched a film, had 2 portions of spag bol and a yog, asked if we could go into town to the toy shop, and he has had no pain killers since the paracetamol straight after the op! He is now rooting round the kitchen deciding what to have for tea!

Kids are resilliant little bleeders

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