Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Scrappy Times

This is what I was getting up to this weekend, a fantastic time in a gorgeous barn in Wiltshire (My batteries were dead in my camera, so these images are courtesy of Fay). Isn't this barn lovely?

The lovely big kitchen, where surprisingly things DID get cooked, thanks to Fay again!

This is where we scrapped, with the kitchen table added on to the end, there was tonnes of space for the 6 of us! Lisa, Claire, Audrey, Fay, Steph and me (If I knew how to link to their blogs I would!)

Here is a (very small for some reason) pic of the outside!

This was my first time at a scrapping event, crop or retreat and I was very surprised to actually get some stuff done, I was teased for being a bit slow, but I'm always slow lol. So heres what I acheived:
Jason a bit worse the wear at a wedding, 3 years ago
A mini album from a class that Audrey very kindly taught, was so pleased with this (its obviously not finished yet, but its going to be a present for my little boy. Since getting it home Bruno had chewed a corner of the arrow off as you can see (it was even in a plastic wallet so not that accessible to him), to say I was cross was an understatement so to compensate I chewed a corner of his ear off! That'll teach him! Not really, but he did learn of my displeasure and looked suitabley sorry so I have forgiven him now.
This LO was a challenge LO from Lisa, we had to use the contents of a little package that she prepared, in mine was a piece of notepaper, raffia string, brown paper, little flower stickers and green felt (there was also cork as well but I forgot that) Heres what I made, this was my quickest LO of the weekend!

And finally this one of Jess, made using the Scarlet Lime September kit, the girlies from the weekend are all Scarlet Lime Subs so we all made a LO with this kit.

I did make another LO but it didn't photograph too well, to be honest the photos of these are all a bit crappy, can't go outside as its raining here

I got back from the weekend to find that Jason had totally scrubbed the kitchen, lounge and hall, it looked so sparkly and nice to come back to that!! Isn't he a good boy?
And in good news, last night I finally slept (this insomina is happening more and more) so today I actually got something done! A pile of ironing.


  1. I love that LO of Jason - what did he think when you showed him it??!! Great to spend time with you, looking forward to the next one

  2. Glad you enjoyed it emma sounds like you had fun ,love the layout of jason and jess and the little book for joe looks great.

  3. You did some great LOs! Pity about the chewed arrow! I guess having a pet means you can't leave your scrap stash around.


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