Saturday, 5 September 2009

Random stuff

I've not been looking forward to my next 2 subscription kits, they have both gone down the vintagey, pretty delicate route, all very well but I am not a pretty delicate scrapper and frankly I did not know how I would use them! However today the childrens father sent me this photo of Jessica, it is GORGEOUS, such a lovely shot of her and I think it screams out for pretty and delicate, now I can't wait for the kits to arrive - i'm so fickle!! I am hoping I can hold off scrapping the photo straight away!

It seems that I have lost 1.5lbs on my first week of diet, pleased with that lose, this diet has been a breeze (compared to others at least!) slowly slowly does it.

Might have another driving lesson today, its very usefull having a driving instructor as a fiance, not sure he felt the same on my last lesson, where I very nearly killed us! ah well he is used to being very nearly killed by his learners, and I was surprisingly calm about it too!


  1. What a beautiful photo - can't wait to see what you do with it?

  2. Gorgeous photo, looking forward to seeing how you scrap it :)

  3. Emma jess looks so pretty in this i love it ,well done on weight loss and driving .x


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