Thursday, 24 September 2009

Busy Day

I've been crafting most of the day, can't show you as its for the Scarlet Lime Scrap Weekend I am going on next weekend, I have had to make 6 pages all about me, its for a CJ, we will all swap pages, and have a little book about all the attendees at the end! I'm really pleased with what I have made, I decided to use papers that are not to my taste (to use them up really) but I love how the pages have come out, and its nice to use colours I wouldn't normally use.

I had another d lesson today, thats 3 this week, Jason's pupils have been cancelling a lot this week, sometimes its like that in his job, so I have jumped in and had a lesson in his gap! My lesson today went so well, only one stall (and that was cos something came out at me unexpectedly!) drove all round the local area, 2 seperate goes on the ring road, made my highest speed of 56mph (Jason wants me up to 65 on that road) and generally drove really well, with little instruction. Jason said that (bar the ring road) you could take the signs off and no one would know I was a learner. Another lesson at the weekend, although I have to make 65 mph on the ring road which makes me a little nervous! Oh and I have started manouvers too. This was the first lesson where I was relaxed and my leg didn't ache, and/or shake lol!!!

Knackered now, not stopped all day!

And just cos you can't have a post with no pic, here is some more of the stash that I got the other

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