Monday, 7 September 2009

Learning to Drive

Had my 4th or 5th driving lesson yesterday (can't remember how many, but it equates to about 6 hours) Hopefully will be able to have more regular ones now the kids are back at school and Jason (who is an instructor) will be able to take me out whenever he gets a last minute cancellation, and teaching 17yr olds as he does, there is always a fair few of those! (think hangovers, not wanting to get out of bed and just general dis-organisation) Still Jason insists on payment for short notice cancellations so if they want to pay for me to learn in their place all the better!

I was a bit nervous at the start yesterday, we are just starting to as Jason calls it "Play with traffic" and go on busy roads and my first experience of this was a bit nerve wracking! So off we set to do it again, when Jason says "Be good today Emma, cos i'm not in the mood for this really" well that sent me into a right fluster, which he did apologise for and of course made me fluff up a bit, but I soon got into my stride, and off we went to attempt a circuit including the little but very busy roundabout by our local pub. Now I was so nervous of doing this, because we are regulars at this pub and known by pretty much everyone, if only on nodding terms. The pub is right on the roundabout and the tables outside even more so, and of course we knew the people sat on the tables so I knew that I had an audience!

Anyhow the first time some nutter stepped out right in front of me as I was turning, Jason was most amused to hear my road rage including "Is he bloody stupid or something, fancy stepping out in front of a learner" turns out he is mentally backwards, oooops! 2nd time went without a hitch and then the 3rd and 4th times which were right turns went well too, but I was lucky in that I was clear to go everytime which makes it so much easier. I also went on a 40mph stretch of road, which was exciting. After taking the roundabout there is another right turn on a very busy stretch of road which is very scary as lots to think about very quickly, but I got there!

At the end of the lesson Jason said "Do you want to drive home?" so I did!!! Sorry long post but am very excited to be doing this! Now I just need a car, well Christmas is coming up!

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