Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Want to scrap...

I really do, I have a sketch I want to use, I am feeling creative and I am a little bored, all good things for starting scrapping you'd think, but I am knackered and my eyes feel so tired and sore. I am not sleeping to well at the moment, last 2 nights its been gone 1am and I NEED at least 7 hours a night. Last night I fell off about 1.30am and then was up 3 times before 7 to use the toilet!!! I think I will try to scrap in a min and see if it works, but I am on such a go slow that I doubt anthing will happen!

On the diet front I am on day 5 and no slip ups, I am following Slimming World, they have a new (ish) plan now where you can mix your free green and red foods on the same day, I hope it works!! I am not going to group as it does my head in listening to people say they have been so bad and then they lose like 4lbs and I will have stuck to it religiously and lost 1lb!! it actually de motivates me to hear that sort of talk lol (and I know its cos they have lots to lose and I don't etc but thats no help when I have been soooo good!!!) Jason started dieting yesterday, that man can eat 3 chocolate bars in one go and thats AFTER a large main meal!!! So last night he's had his meal and is on the mooch for something else and thought he was having my fruit! NO chance matey jim, buy your own fruit, it cost a bomb and I get through it at a rate of knotts! I did relent and let him have a peach - I'm nice like that.

I sound awful I know, but I get very protective of my fruit when I am dieting!!! There is a definate 'my food' and 'everyone elses' food divide in our house at the moment.

Jess back at school today, so I just have Joe in the house today, and he is on the xbox, its sooooo quiet, Jess is like a little wirlwind, definatley miss her chatter!

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