Monday, 28 September 2009


Its been one of those days! Kettle has tripped the main fuse twice and is now very broken, sick to death of Breville, 2nd Keep Warm we have had in a year, I love the kettle to death, but its so tempermental!

Yesterday I had to buy calpol, Joe is having dental surgery tomorrow, so I bought a HUGE bottle so we wouldn't run out. Went to get it and Boots were closed as they had no pharmacist on duty (surely they could have opened the shop and just not the pharmacy bit, but no!) so went back at 12.30 when they said they would be open. Great open, go to get served and she is the
s l o w e s t assistant in the world, Jason and I were rolling our eyes, and honestly it was so slow it was comical! Cut to today, and I have just smashed said unopened bottle of calpol on the floor, I swear it leapt off the counter at me! Bottle only seemed to have the end of it, so I poured the calpol through a fine seive, but shards of glass in it, so thats the best part of £6 wasted and I now have to get another bottle of it!

Jessica has managed to chip her back molar, not a little horizontal chip, that would be too easy, its a big vertical chip that looks to me like it goes quite far down, shes in no pain and it is a baby tooth, but she has a hole in her heart, and any decay that gets into her tooth, could cause her serious gyp, so we are off to the dentist tonight, to see what he thinks!

I guess thats 3 things now? so heres hoping that tomorrow passes without incident, I am not looking forward to seeing Joe go under the aneasthic (or however you spell it!) and we have to be up at the crack of dawn for a 7.30am admission.

I've been working on this Layout for a week and I had to get it finished today as its taunting me, I love it but its not quite right, the balance is off and bugger me if I can sort it, so I have called it finished and thats an end to it!

Finally Bruno, I just walked in the lounge to get my camera, to find him buried in my cardy, he has taken to covering his face recently, I was a bit worried he was smothered but I called his name and his tail wagged! Daft dog.


  1. Hope your day has got better. Fingers crossed for Joe. Think your LO looks great - cute embellies

  2. I love the way you have tied the deer theme together.i think it looks fine emma love that photo of them .Love the photos of Bruno ,very funny .


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