Saturday, 26 September 2009


Just found out that Scenic Route is going into liquidation, they are my absolute favourite scrap company, their papers are EXACTLY to my style and I am not pleased, If one had to close why couldn't it have been Basic Grey (they are NOT my favourite scrap company) I can't believe that there will be no new collections! I will have to stock up while I can.

Poor Joey really needs this op on Tuesday, I got called to the school to pick him up yesterday after lunch, he had raging toothache and was as white as a sheet and tearful when I got there, luckily 2 spoons of calpol and he was right as rain.

Yesterday afternoon was all set to get some photos, as I need some new ones for the scrap weekend I am going on. I was going to take loads of pics with Joe and his beloved Nerf guns, I already have a title for a LO (Nerf Ninja!!!), Jess got dressed in some really cute and funky clothes, we brushed her hair and set off outside to get a load of cool pics (getting kids to do this, organising them, dressing them and getting them to happily co-operate is a nightmare) Switched the camera on, and the bloody batteries were dead! Gah! So now I have to go through that whole rigamole again on Monday!

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