Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Be Brave

God this has taken me 4 hours!! I do love it though, the photo does not do it justice the colours are so much better IRL. That stitching took so much time, I am getting a bit tempted to get a sewing machine to do stitching on, as its such a time waster by hand!

This is Joe last week on his first day of secondary, used a sketch from http://52sketches52weeks.com/ again, I really like the site for sketches, go and have a look!

My diet is still ticking along nicely, this is the easiest I have ever had it on a diet, 10 days and 3lbs lost, which suits me fine! Last night I had whole baked rainbow trout with sweet potato wedges and salad, with fruit salad and yogurt for afters, and it was LOVELY, will deffo do that again! Slimming World I have always LOVED your diet plan, but your new EXTRA EASY plan is fab!!! I don't care if the weight crawls off me, its got to be worth it to eat so well and so much!!


  1. Well done on the diet Emma, the food sounds lovely. Well done on the stitching too - I wouldn't have the patience! xx

  2. Love the journalling emma and the big be brave circle .x


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