Friday, 4 September 2009

Toddler Tea Time

Last night I slept! I slept really really well, I get occasional bouts of insomnia and I have not been sleeping all week, yesterday I was like a zombie, I could barely function. So lovely Jason offered to sleep on the sofa so I could have the bed to myself, and it was ace, I slept till 5.30 and then on and off for a couple of hours. Today I feel soooo much better!

Managed shed loads of ironing today and then on to scrapping, this Layout has a pic from 2001, Jess would have been about 15 months, and as usual is with a dog! This is another LO from my Scarlet Lime August kit, which is fab! Its a good job I like it so much, cos I am not mad keen on both of the ones I have coming this month, they are both vintagey and red/black/grey - yuck!

Off out tonight, first time in 3 weekends so really looking forward to meeting up with friends and relaxing with a drink (I can have them, i've saved up my syns all week!)

1 comment:

  1. Love the layering and all the bits .


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