Thursday, 17 September 2009

These Two

Right Mr Postman I have just seen you go past my house and no Parcel, AGAIN, I know for a fact that my Scrapbook Nook kit is a week late now, so I would like it please, now please, its all very well striking and causing complete chaos with the post but I have paid for these goods, and I wouldn't mind seeing them, thanks very much!


But at long last we have an appointment for Joe's dental surgery, it will be the 29th September, 4 days before I go away on the Scarlet Lime retreat, so I am hoping that all will be fine and he will be fully recovered by then, he should be, touch wood.

Had another driving lesson yesterday (ROBBIES DRIVING SCHOOL, GOOGLE ADVERTISERS PLEASE, that place puts food on our table) And it went well, made no silly mistakes and only two incidents of the stally stalls, did emergency stops, they rock! I'm good at those!! Next time I have to do dual carriageways *gulp* not too sure I like the sound of that!

And finally I did this today, used a sketch from (even though they didn't pick me to be on their design team - HATE them lol) This was a disaster from start to finish and how it even looks remotely ok is beyond me, it was really 2 steps from the bin at one stage! See how I tinted the black and white photo, its not an outstanding job, but I was quite pleased with it for a first try

ETA: Google advertisers are taking the proverbial!

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  1. I think this Lo looks fab Emma - very masculine for your two chaps! I am also angry at our postman who has passed me by for day grrrrrrr!!


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