Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mojo- jojo

Loved having a play with my new papers this morning, made this from a sketch from 52weeks:

Having a problem at the moment, am doing some cracking pages and then at the end I don't like them, I am trying to fill more space and do pop-art/grafitti like Layouts, and its just not working for me, consequently this LO was a lot better at the half way stage, but I still kinda like it, and I certainly enjoyed playing around with it!

Got another couple to show soon too, when I can be bothered to photograph them, they are only kinda liked ones too! Need to do something I love rather than just like! What I really need is some new photos, I seem to be running out of all the good ones!

I had another d lesson yesterday, did really well, lots of roundabouts and traffic lights etc, we ended up the lesson doing a 70mph stretch of dual carriageway (I only went up to 50) and then there was a bit of confusion as to what lane I was supposed to be in, and it all went downhill, I refused to do anymore (Jason was being an arse!) so that was that!!!! But I am having another attempt tomorrow!


  1. Great LO Emma, the colours are really fun! Fab photos too!

  2. Fab LO Emma, really bright and funky!! Forgot to say your new glasses looked very cool yesterday too! xxx


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