Sunday, 20 September 2009


About 2 years ago, I was moving the bed and I heard this ominous 'crunch' sound, I had just signed the death certificate of my glasses. I wear contacts and the prescription in them was out of date so it wasn't the end of the world.

2 years on and still no glasses, Jason and I have had a tough 3 years, he was made redundant twice in about 18 months, and then he had to retrain in order to get out of management (which he hated) £100 for a pair of glasses wasn't on the agenda, other things I wanted to spend any spare cash on.

Jason has been a driving instructor since Jan, its basically self employed on a franchise and of course you have to get your own clients etc, so although technically we are ok off now (at last no worries about where next months money was coming from) we are classed as low income whilst he builds up the business, so I recently received an NHS exemption cert (Getting that now, when we really needed help 2+ years ago is a WHOLE other story!!!)

So today I got some new glasses, they cost me £15 with the cert, and I am pleased, its nice to be able to give my eyes a break from contacts, and not to have to put them in first thing in the morning. I only went for bog standard as I will wear my contacts most of the time!

Here I am modeling my new glasses, excuse the horrid scraped back hair, and christ! how many freckles do I have??? You should see me when we have a hot summer!!

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