Monday, 14 September 2009

This LO is of my Jason, we had only been going out for maybe a year when this was taken, I prefer him with his hair a little longer, so I have always really liked this photo, I don't really do lots of slush and sentiment so I find it hard to scrap Jason, however I managed this one, and really its not much of a compliment to him LOL!!!

I was feeling like I wanted to do something productive on Friday but I didn't have much mojo so I spent a happy couple of hours cutting various borders on my craft robo, I love my craft robo but I find I rarely want the hassle of it mid scrap, so getting some random borders cut whilst bored seemed a good idea, and it was, I've used 4 of them on this LO! Also I am loveing the old wonkyish borders on my LO's at the moment, so you may see many more of them!

I had another driving lesson on Saturday, and it was a long one, not really sure how I feel about it, the first 45 mins were cracking, I drove really well and confidently and then it kinda went downhill. I was in the left hand land of a roundabout, indicating left, but for some reason I turned right 0000ppps! I think I got tired, I was concentrating sooo hard. Then driving home, I had to stop on a hill because of temporary traffic lights, I am not so brilliant at hill starts, and I was at the front of the lights so holding everyone up when I stalled! Things I am good at is apparently I do not hesitate and I move the car confidently, Jason sometimes says "Emma I'm not sure if that was a little fast on that turn (there was a car coming) or if it was just very confident" Its confidence of course!!! LOL

One more thing on driving, Jason works for Robbies Driving School, I am not mad pleased that my blog advertises other schools just cos I talk about driving, its Robbies, Robbies, Robbies Driving school that you want!!!

We had a lovely weekend and I even managed to eat out on Saturday without breaking my diet, mind you it was the worlds most boring meal, plain steak, plain jacket pot and plain salad, I almost fell asleep eating it, it was that dreary, but at least it meant we could socialise with mates.

And ARRRGGGHHH Jospeh has just come home from school saying his wallet has been stolen (he's lost it more like) and it had all his weeks dinner money in it as I had no change. I am beyond cross with him, he can be so bloody dopey at times, and I gave him a big lecture about responsibility and money this morning when I gave him the tenner!

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  1. Great use of the Robo, love your borders and great LO - fab title!

    Dining out is the hardest bit of dieting I've found, it'll all be worth it though


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