Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Work in Progress

Uggg I am so cross with myself for saying in yesterdays post that nothing was going to stop me from running on Thursday. Just for the record 'touch wood' doesn't work!

I woke up today with a sore throat and sore throats are normally a sign for me that I am going to be ill, sure enough about 11am today, the dizziness started and I feel generally gotty. Trying to work through it though as I always feel worse if I sit and do nothing.

This is a sneek peak (because I haven't finished it yet!) of what I have been working on today

Its for the bedroom, to go on the wall and requires a fair bit of stitching, I have half the stitching done and will prob finish the rest off this evening. These are our bedroom colours of light pink and sagey greens (with lots of white as a background)

I now have to drag my poorly self to the high street to pick up Jessica from Holiday Camp and Joe from swimming (in same place luckily) but I think I will treat us to the bus back, Jess will be knackered from doing activities all day, and I think the 25 min walk to get there will be enough for me also.


  1. That looks pretty Emma. Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Oh I hope it was just a grotty today and doesn't turn into anything to sickly? Hope you feel better xx


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