Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Isn't she lovely

Well sometimes!!

God its been hard work this crafting lark today, loads of time to do it, but nothing happening when I tried. This is the end result, which I do actually like, although I messed up the journaling by forgetting 3 words and then having to change what I was going to say to make it kinda fit! Ah well!

We have finally got up all the flat pack, the new curtains and the new matching duvet set, so our bedroom looks really nice now, although its not entirely finished its so much better than the junk room its been for the last 2 years.

There was a price to be paid and that was that I was as stiff as a board for a few days, everything that could ache ached! I was in so much discomfort and as a consequence I couldn't run for a couple of sechuduled days (and that narked me off!) So I ran on Monday AND today as well, both 30 min runs and on both days I covered 4.15km. Its really important to me that I finish this program on my birthday on Thursday and as I now only have one more run to go and I am doing it on Thursday then not much can go wrong (touch wood, touch wood).

After the program ends I am going to continue with 3 30min runs a week and hopefully before too long I will be able to cover 5km in that time. Then I will just keep getting my time down on the 5km, when I get it down to about 28 mins (if thats even possible), I will start to train to 10k.

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  1. yes she is! I do that all the time with my journalling, missing words out and then having to re-jig it!


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