Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Arrival

Inspired by the gorgeous beloved papers I received yesterday, I sat down and made this. Robo was used on the kraft loopy frame and the leafy branch and the letters! Getting good at using this machine, and now that I am using it so regularily it doesn't feel like a chore.

Its bumper postie time this week. Today I received an ATG and some tape, I can't use it til my birthday in two weeks though :( I've take in out and loaded it up and had a little play, but now it is firmly wrapped back up for Jason to hide tonight. I also have a sewing machine on order, I wanted the Janome Sew Mini and found it for a good price but then realised the link was 6 months old and I cannot find it at the same price, so I have gone up a grade or two and got a full size one and now I may just have to get into sewing fabric as well as paper eeekk, the sewing machine is also a present so I will have to wait again. Also my mum is sending me Echo Park a Walk in the Park collection which she has ordered and had sent to my address.

Luckily today my Scrapagogo kit arrived, so yay, something that I can actually open and stroke and I LOVE it this month, though I was going to be a bit BLAH about it, but the embellies are so cute, lots of banners and bunting, so sweet! I've got some mothballs on order too, but you know, I can't get too excited about them!

Ran again this morning, it wasn't as easy as Tuesdays run but it wasn't too bad. We did a fair bit more road running this morning and that included a bit of up and down which was hard for me as I am used to running on flat ground, thats prob why I struggled half way through. Mentally for me the best bit is when there is about 8 mins left and I can start to finish the lap I am on and head out of the fields and back home via pavements. The road bit of this stretch is slightly downhill and its so lovely when you are at the end of a run, its like the pavement is moving you and it takes the strain off the old legs.

Unfortunaltey that is the end of the 25 minute runs and on Saturday I have to increase it to 28 minutes, doesn't sound like a lot does it? a 3 min increase, but mentally its hard to get my head around.

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  1. Well done for keeping up with all the running Emma, sounds like you are doing just fine!!
    I love this LO, the colours, shapes and all those little hearts are just lovely. What a great reminder for your special day!! xx


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