Thursday, 29 July 2010

Birthday Post

Good evening, I've had a lovely birthday, despite being up with the lark again. I have turned into an old woman these past few months and I consider myself lucky if I am still asleep at 6.30am but 5.30am is not unusual.

I got a sewing machine and an ATG from Jason. Jessica bought me a necklace with her own money (bless her) and I got 2 massive bars of chocolate! My mum bought me the Echo Park Walk in the Park collection (which I like a lot more than the summer one) and a border punch and some glitter liner.

I have been sewing like a woman possessed and I am afraid that everything I post in the next month or so will be sewed to within an inch of its life. This is what I made today with my birthday goodies!

I thought I would show you a corner of my craft space which is getting more and more 'techno' everyday and I couldn't scrap without it! My craft robo, laptop and new pride and joy, sewing machine!

For lunch today we went to Chiquitos, they do an amazingly good lunch time deal of 3 courses for 8.95, bargain! So we stuffed ourselfs and it was lovely! Tonight we have a party feast courtesy of Iceland (I make no apologies for that, I LOVE their duck rolls and battered prawns) if we can manage it as I am still stuffed. I also have 4 ciders of various unusual flavours to share with Jason, and we are all going to get very competitive on the Wii, in fact there is TOO much noise coming from the living room already, Jess and Jason are already getting lairy, so I best go and join in!


  1. Happy happy birthday, hope you enjoy your evening celebrations, sounds like great fun!

    Are you planning on putting anything other than paper through that sewing machine??!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Girlie : )
    Sounds like you are having a good one.
    Lots of love xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Emma, glad you are having a great day! xx


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