Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A sort out, some new stash and other bits

I've been scrapping but its for Paper Proposals so I can't show you that til Friday, so I've not much crafty that I can actually share, although I am working on something at the moment and it might be finished tomorrow.

Today I decided I needed to resort my papers, I have what I think is a fairly unique way of sorting my papers - I don't! - by that I mean that they stay in the plastic bag that I bought them in and I know what papers I bought when, its worked up til now but I decided that I needed a new sytem and decided to go for Manufacturers as a system, think this will work well for me.

Here is a pic of my main manufacturers after the big sort out

Mid way through the big sort, the postie knocked with guess what? MORE PAPER, this time it was MME Beloved, I realise I am late to buy this one, and I have loved it for quite a while, but none of my usual 'go to' craft stores stock it. I finally gave in last week and ordered just this small amount (plus some Basic Grey, Basics paper) and had to suck up the postage on such a small order.

It is LUSH

(forgot to alter the colours on the above photo, it should look more in hue like the other one!)

Running is going well, I ran on Tuesday, my third 25 min run, this one went so well and was such a relief after the struggle that was Saturdays run. I was comfortable throughout the run, no breathing problems, no achey legs. Don't get me wrong, I would so rather be sat on the sofa watching tv and eating a Mars Bar, but Tuesday is the closest I have come to loveing the run, and my pace and distance was much better. I run again tomorrow morning its my last 25 min run before I go up to 28 mins. I am not looking forward to it, but I am REALLY looking forward to having done it!

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