Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Keep on running

Lots to do today, had to take Skittle to the vets for her booster, the vet thinks she has a skin allergy, that could be down to pollen or could be an allergy to fleas (she doens't have any but apparently just coming into contact with one could be enough) I think and hope its the pollen as she does not normally pull her hair out. In fact shes only done it once before - this time last year, so pollen would seem to be the culprit.

Then we had to go to the cattery and pay our deposit. Then a trip into town to buy some chocolates for Jessicas teachers.

Then I made 2 cards this one and another I can't show you yet - this one is a bit rubbishy but I like the other one, which I will show you on Friday!

I ran again today, the run itself was ok, comfortable breathing etc but EVERYTHING was conspiring against me and I think I just ran so well because I was so bloody CROSS!

1. Could not get my contact lense in so had to wear glasses
2. Jason told me that my running shoe had dog muck on and that he had "washed it off" what he meant was "I LITERALLY shoved it under a running tap and got it as wet as I possibly could"! I was honestly squelching around and it was so uncomfortable. Seriously I could have wrung the shoe out - what goes through mens heads sometimes?
3. My running podcast had mysteriously dissapeared from my iphone so I had to take my chances with my entire song list and hope I didn't get a ballad
4. My brand new sports water bottle had a faulty valve and I could only get the tiniest of trickles of water out of it.
5. I slipped and almost landed on my arse, but managed to correct myself
6. My foot bleed and I runined a pair of socks.

Ah well, at least I ran, I only have 4 runs left now before I become a graduate of C25k and that is likely to be on my birthday next Thursday.

Tonight I am off for a meal with my mate Nicky, so that will be nice.


  1. I've come here and now I fancy a glass of wine. Girl, you are a bad influence on me : )
    Have fun tonight xxx

  2. Love that card.

    Hope you're not feeling as cross today!!


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