Friday, 9 July 2010

Mini Book made from cards

Hiya, head on over to : for this weeks challenge, which is to use cards creatively, I was asked to make a simple and quick (not that I do much crafting 'quickly') mini book from cards. I choose to use the donkey ride pictures I took at Weston the other week for this one. Its just 2 cards inside of each other and secured with ribbon. Simples!

So pop on over and have a go! Winner gets to be the guest designer for the next weeks challenge!

I have Joseph off school today on an inset day, he is currently clunking about upstairs making a racket! I'm a bit concerned that today might be my 'most dreaded day of the year' or in other words FLYING ANT DAY. I saw one of the little blighters yesterday afternoon, just one solitary flying ant and I nearly had a fit!

When I was little we used to have a swarm of flying ants in our living room For one day each year they would take over that room and I would make myself scarce, over the years I have gone from hating them but being able to go out, to literally being scared witless of the the things, when they swarm I stay in! I've already warned Jess that if I am not outside the school on home time, she will have to walk home herself and I will get Joe to meet her half way!

Another 25 minute run looms large tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

  1. Love your card book. I can remember my brothers birthday party over 30 years ago - roasting hot day, umpteen children having to stay indoors because of all the flying ants outside - my mother must have been tearing her hair out.


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