Saturday, 3 July 2010

A rare Saturday night in

Tonight we are at home with the children, I was trying to think back to the last time we had a Saturday night in and I really can't remember when it could have been. Its been at LEAST 2 months and possibly more like 3.

We decided to try one of those M&S dine in for £10 tonight whist the kids have pizza. So we went to pick it up and whilst on the way to the tills saw this - Jason and I really like fish platters, in fact when we eat out on Saturday nights, we quite often choose something like this:

so we couldn't pass it up - the killer though was that it cost £12!!! We decided to treat ourselfs as we had £30 of vouchers from the wedding. So we have a real feast this evening and I am mucho looking forward to it. I have bought the kids Strawberrys and a bar of Galaxy and I am going to let them melt it in my little heater and they can have dippy strawberrys! Yum Yum

I've even managed a little crafting and craft tidying today, another rare Saturday occurance as I like to get out and about at weekends generally. I made this card for my dads up coming birthday (I must post it promptly as despite posting his fathers day card on the Thursday before it didn't turn up to the Wednesday - don't get me started on Royal Mail and my theorys on their post storing)

Robo Resolution acheived on the scooter and the greeting! Background a little wonky though ooopps!

Tomorrow we are doing lots of ferrying about, Jess is performing at the Keynsham Music Festival with her school, so we have to drop her off for rehersals and then again for the performance and Joe is going to a party in a nearby town, so we will be coming and going all day long!


  1. Now that platter looks delicious! Cute card! You certainly work your Craft Robo pretty well! I just rely on stamps!
    Regarding iPhone, I do get the rare screen freeze but it hasn't been a problem for me. Is your 3G or 3Gs? I've not found any problems with signals. You might need to check your router (I suspect a faulty one rather than an app being the cause of breakdown). I still like the new OS despite the slight niggling problems. Hopefully a new patch might fix the problems encountered so far!

  2. Sounds like a great evening in, and that b'day card is fab! Robo Resolutions? Sounds interesting! And well done on the dt'ing on Paper Proposals too :o) x


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