Saturday, 10 July 2010

An early morning wake up call

Well for any UK readers anyway, if you're international *hello*

I was awake at silly o'clock again this morning, so at 6am we decided to bring our 7am run forward and just go out there and get it done. I feel like I have been on an army assault course, it was the toughest toughest run ever. It was 25 mins again like last time, but so much harder today. Yesterday in my wisdom I decided to drag the stepper out and do 15 mins on that to 'keep myself ticking over' all well and good but the stepper uses entirely different muscles from running and so today my legs started aching after only a couple of minutes, my breathing was all out of kilter and I knew I was going to struggle all round the course.

How I dragged myself around I will never know, my stats are down today, I ran slower I ran less but I did the 25 mins and for that I am immensley proud of myself. All through this program I have done whats been asked of me and I have not failed, at times that was bloody hard and today I thought I was going to get my first fail, but I am stronger than that! Raaarrrrr

However despite running my little legs off this week I have managed to gain 2lbs, I'm not surprised, exercising I may have been but I have also been following the mantra "A Mars a day helps you work rest and play" really in my case it should be "A Mars a day makes you gain lots of weight" I'm not bothered though, a 1lb of that weight has to be muscle gain doesn't it?

Went to sit down to craft yesterday (I was thinking circles, thats what I wanted to do, something with circles) and I found this LO that just needed a title and journaling. I had only started it the day before and just totally forgot about it! So here it is all complete! Robo Resolution is achieved with the birds on a branch, the large blue frame and the title letters.

Today I am going to the ModScraps sale in Bristol and then on to town to have a girly shopping hour with Jessica, its time for 'that shop' first bra time, she is all giggly about it bless her!

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  1. Beautiful layout, I love the colours and that frame! Well done on the running, I couldn't do it for 5 minutes!! Good luck with the first bra shopping :)


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